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Collins Farms
Collins Signal, Product Bulletin Publication

Numeric & A-Z Index of every Collins Signal Issue.
Click on 'Page' or 'Issue' to read the article.
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— Numeric —
28 Fal61 124,000 sq. ft. Addition added to CR Building Yes
21 Apr61 137X-1 Wins First Place Award No
13 Jan34 150B - Picture Yes
1 Oct33 150B Transmitter - Description and Specifications Yes
9 Jan34 150B -The Popular 100 Watt Transmitter - Description and Specifications Yes
18 Apr47 18 Briefs - Apr 1947 No
14 Spr52 18S Signal Corps tests the 18S Yes
2 Win54 18S-4 To Have Mechanical Filter No
6 Sep35 202-A Transmitter The - Description and Specifications Yes
4 Oct33 20B The Collins Type - Description and Specifications Yes
27 Sum56 20V-2 Transmitter installed at WKRS Yes
16 Win57 212F-1 - Flexibility In A Console Yes
23 Fal56 212Z-1 Remote Amplifier used By ABC at political convention Yes
8 Fal53 21E The Latest Collins transmitter Yes
4 Oct46 30K Ham Transmitter Yes
6 Jul34 30FXB The new Collins 30FXB Transmitter - Description and Specifications Yes
15 Fal54 30K-5's Ordered for Holy Land - Installed at lowest point on Earth No
21 Apr61 30L-1 has Been Introduced No
2 Mar33 32A and 32B Transmitters - Details w/schematics Yes
2 Oct33 32B Transmitter The Description and Specifications Yes
10 Jan34 32B Transmitter The Description and Specifications Yes
21 Spr55 37X-1 Antenna in the Making Yes
1 Sep35 45A Culminating a Year of Research - The newest small-sized transmitter No
3 Sep35 45A The new - Description and Specifications Yes
7 Sum67 490T-1 and 490T-3 - Airborne Antenna Couplers Yes
19 Apr47 496E - Something New in Autotunes Yes
31 Sum57 5 KW Contract Signed Yes
14 Fal53 51X Displayed No
10 Spr55 618S Aboard Seamaster Yes
22 Spr55 618S Transceiver in Demand No
2 Sum54 618S Transceivers For DC-7 Fleet - Panagra No
16 Win53 618S-1 - New Transceiver Has Promising Future The successor to the 18S Yes
2 Win61 618T - Is Installed on Basic M38A-1 Jeep - Talking Jeep Yes
28 Fal61 618T-1 Installed in Israeli Army Truck Yes
12 Jan34 6A Amplifier The Description and Specifications Yes
17 Jan47 732-A Phasitron Modulation Unit - Collins Frequency Modulation Means Maximum Fidelity Yes
17 Oct46 75A Collins - From any angle Yes
30 Win61 75A-1 & KWS-1 at Adare Antarctica Yes
11 Jan34 7P Amplifier Collins - Description and Specifications Yes
26 Win57 9 Collins Papers Appear in SSB Issue No
— A —
2 Sum53 A BUMPER - Missile launched at Cape Canaveral No
17 s4-60 A Corporate Research Division Being Formed - Headed by Dr. R.L. McCreary No
14 Sum53 A Design Believed Novel No
3 Jul34 A distinguished Amateur of Mexico City - Dr. James M.B. Hard Yes
9 Jan47 A double 10 and 20 Meter Beam Yes
27 Fal57 A Dramatic Rescue by Ham Operators Yes
3 Feb33 A High Power Radiophone Transmitter - 20B Schematic & discussion Yes
5 Oct33 A High Power Radiophone Transmitter - 20B Schematic & discussion Yes
7 Jan34 A High Power Radiophone Transmitter - 20B Schematic & discussion Yes
4 Apr33 A High-Power Semi-Portable Transmitter - The 42B Yes
17 s4-60 A Microwave and Carrier nation-wide Symposium Being Conducted No
14 Spr69 A New Breed of Pioneer - Apollo 8 Yes
21 Apr61 A new Line of Crystal Filters Being Produced No
13 Sum66 A Pilot's Best Friend - Peripheral Command Indicator Yes
5 Win65 A Quality Product - Queen Air 88 Yes
1 Feb33 A recent Collins Installation - 20B Transmitter at W9GHT Yes
22 Apr61 A Series of Sub-Miniature Pulse Transformers Introduced No
22 Apr61 A Service Division Formed to Consolidate all Collins Service Activities No
11 Fal65 A Talk With Roger Chaffee Yes
7 Win64 A Tracking System for Apollo Yes
22 Apr61 A. Prose Walker Responsible for Development of Broadcast and Amateur Product Lines No
14 Fal53 AA Buys 17M-1 No
10 Apr47 Additional Notes - 10 & 20 Meter Beam Yes
10 Spr56 ADF Equipment Ordered by Argentine Mission No
23 Apr61 Advance Ocean-Going Tug Yes
32 Spr71 Advertisement - Collins C-System is Airborne Aboard the DC-10 Yes
32 S-F64 Advertisement - 3 Missions and 20,000 Functions a Day Prove Collins Reliability Yes
20 Win52 Advertisement - 51V Glide Slope Receiver - Now in production Yes
28 Jan47 Advertisement - 58A-3 Receiver - NEW! A Broadcast Receiver Engineered Expressly for Railroads Yes
28 Win57 Advertisement - 621A-1 - Positive Identification Yes
32 Win61 Advertisement - 64 Components on A Sliver of Glass - Thin-Film Circuits Yes
14 Sum56 Advertisement - 78 No
32 Win64 Advertisement - A World of Experience in Aviation Yes
32 Sum65 Advertisement - A World of Experience in Low Approach Yes
36 Sum69 Advertisement - Advanced Flight Control for the L1011 TriStar Yes
24 Win54 Advertisement - Advantage of the Modern Concept to AM Broadcasters Yes
21 Sum52 Advertisement - Air France - first European airline to equip with 51R-3 VOR equipment Yes
32 Spc59 Advertisement - ALPHA A New Name in World-Wide System Projects Yes
28 Spr69 Advertisement - AN/TRC-132A Speaks With 10-KW Authority Yes
32 Sum57 Advertisement - Broadcast Radio Yes
32 Sum62 Advertisement - Call Collins Yes
32 Spr63 Advertisement - Call Collins Yes
24 Win55 Advertisement - Capital Chooses Collins To Guide Its New Viscounts Yes
32 Fal55 Advertisement - Checkout for Quality Yes
32 Fal62 Advertisement - Collins Communications Career Point UP Yes
16 Sum53 Advertisement - Collins Continues to Expand Engineering and Research Facilities Yes
32 Sum66 Advertisement - Collins' First Environmental Test Lab Yes
23 Spr55 Advertisement - Collins Magnetic Compass System Yes
19 Sum52 Advertisement - Collins Mechanical Filters- Available now in limited quantities Yes
20 s4-60 Advertisement - Collins Microwave and carrier Yes
32 Fal66 Advertisement - Collins Newest Flight Director Yes
24 Fal56 Advertisement - Collins Receiver/Transmitter Leads the TACAN Program Yes
36 Spr68 Advertisement - Delivered (Picture Perfect) - Microwave System Yes
24 Spr58 Advertisement - Dew Line's Voice Yes
32 Win63 Advertisement - Do you Have The Right Time - Collins Loran-C Yes
16 Fal53 Advertisement - Electronic Brains For Air Force Brawn - B47 Communication gear Yes
32 Fal61 Advertisement - Find the Storm's Soft Spot Yes
32 Spr62 Advertisement - For A Big Company With A Lot Of Addresses - The shortest distance between Plants is Kineplex Yes
28 Fal57 Advertisement - For Forward Thinking Pipeline - Collins Microwave Yes
20 Spr52 Advertisement - For Radio Equipment of Unquestioned Quality - 30K-1, 20V, 51R-3, 75A-2 Yes
24 Fal54 Advertisement - Frequency Space - A Vanishing natural resource Yes
24 Win56 Advertisement - Frequency Space - A vanishing natural resource Yes
19 Spr52 Advertisement - Here is the New 300L - Transmitter Yes
32 Spr66 Advertisement - It Takes All 3 for a Microelectronics Capability Yes
16 Spr53 Advertisement - Linking the Americas By Air - Panagra and Collins Yes
32 Sum61 Advertisement - Mercury's Voice From Space Yes
28 Fal67 Advertisement - Moment of Truth for an IC at Collins Yes
32 Fal65 Advertisement - Nice Approach - United using the AL-101 Radio Altimeter Yes
28 Sum54 Advertisement - No Time For Failure - Communication Yes
32 Win62 Advertisement - Northern Watch By NATO - Communications by Collins Yes
32 Fal63 Advertisement - Record Breaking Research By X-15 Yes
28 Win59 Advertisement - S/Line System Engineered Yes
28 Win67 Advertisement - TE-216A-4d Data Modem Doubles the Speed Yes
24 Fal59 Advertisement - The Marines Are Landing With Collins SSB Communication Yes
32 Win68 Advertisement - The New Avionics by Collins For The Big Ones Yes
20 Win53 Advertisement - The World Over Leading Airlines Fly With Collins Radio Yes
24 Apr61 Advertisement - These airlines Stand Out in the Crowd Yes
32 Sum63 Advertisement - They Didn't Go With Cooper - Back-up Systems left off of Mercury Yes
28 s3-60 Advertisement - Union Pacific Chooses Collins Microwave Yes
32 Win65 Advertisement - Whose Hues? Microwave System Yes
28 Fal58 Advertisement - Why America's Newest Jets Use Collins Electronics Yes
32 Spr64 Advertisement - Why Leave Full Command Capability Behind? Yes
20 Oct46 Advertisement -18S-1 Collins - Aircraft Communication at Its Best Yes
9 Fal59 AEEC Anniversary Yes
8 Spr69 Aerial Fire Fighters - Canadian CL-215 Amphibians Yes
16 Fal55 Aerodynamics Visualized Yes
9 Spr64 After 38 Years of Service - VE3AW back on the air Yes
15 Fal54 Air Algeria Installs Collins Equipment No
30 Spr62 Air Force Commendation Medal Presented to Lt. Col. Kenneth W. Keyte Yes
3 Fal66 Air Force Communicators Provide Reins of Communication - Dry run testing of bases Yes
31 Spc59 Air Force Contract for $3,263,000 Awarded to Collins No
29 Fal63 Air Force One - The Nation's No. 1 Aircraft Yes
23 Win54 Air France Engineers - Visitors Yes
27 Fal57 Air Transportable Transhorizon Terminal Yes
14 Sum61 Air/Space Pioneer Yes
23 Fal55 Airborne - AN/ARC-27 Yes
17 Sum54 Airborne Antennas Yes
29 Sum57 Airborne Control/Navigation/Communication No
10 Fal56 Airborne Electronics Symposia Yes
13 Sum54 Airborne HF Communications Yes
14 Sum54 Airborne VHF Communications Yes
24 Fal66 Aircraft Satellite Communication Relay Yes
2 Fal55 Airline VHF Communication Sales - TWA No
26 Fal63 Airline of Presidents - 1254 Air transport Wing Yes
2 Sum54 Airlines Show Strong Interest in New 51X and 17L-4 No
22 Spr64 All Around FM Sound - Stereo Yes
20 Spc59 Alpha Corporation Yes
10 Jul34 Amateur Flood Recue Work - Coeur d' Alenes Idaho Yes
23 Fal59 American Airlines Orders $7,500,00 of Collins Equipment for Their Jet Fleet No
16 Fal63 American Flyers - Rex Pigman Yes
7 Apr47 An Accurate 80 Meter Exciter - Part II Yes
20 Win57 AN/ARC-52 - High Performance UHF Radio for High Performance Aircraft Yes
2 Spr58 AN/ARC-58 SSB - $1-.5 million award by Air Force No
23 Fal59 AN/ARC-64 Prototype Delivered to Army No
29 Sum66 AN/ASM-198 - Collins Develops New Test Set Yes
2 Sum57 AN/GRC-19 - Mount with paradrop mount Yes
10 Fal65 AN/MRC-108 Reliable Communication Anywhere Yes
28 Fal61 AN/TRC-80 Displayed at AFCEA Yes
13 Spc59 Analyzing Vibrations Yes
15 S-F64 Ancient Isle of Mojora - Collins Microwave Serves Yes
13 Jan47 Announcement of Student Competition - Student papers No
1 Apr33 Announcing the New Collins 7B Program Amplifier which Sets New Standard in Audio Transmission Yes
12 Jul34 Another News Release - CBS attempts to link to Byrd in Antarctic No
14 Sum62 Antenna Rises After Blast - Retractable Monopole Antenna Yes
18 S-F64 Antennas - The Ears and Voice of Radio Communications Yes
13 Fal62 Apollo Program at Collins Yes
27 Fal66 Apollo System Test Yes
16 Win68 Apollo4 Spurs Lunar Landing Yes
10 Sum54 Arbitrary Course Navigation System Yes
22 Sum67 ARC/ARC-109 - New Transceiver Leaves Others Behind Yes
2 Spc59 ARC-58 - Crewman Selects ARC-58 Frequency Yes
2 Spc59 ARC-58 - Undergoes Production Tests Yes
6 Fal59 ARINC Network - Jet Age Network Yes
9 Spr63 Army Aviation Today and Tomorrow Yes
26 Sum56 Arthur Collins operates new SSB with SAC Gen Curtis LeMay watching Yes
3 s3-60 Astronaut's Preview Yes
8 Sum65 Atlantic Aviation Center - Booming Business in Aviation Yes
2 Win63 Atlantic Missile Range - World's Largest Shooting Gallery Yes
13 Fal63 ATRAX - Missile Range Communication System Yes
13 s4-60 Audio Visual Assembly Technique - A new technique in training Yes
10 Sum56 Automatic Direction Finder Yes
21 Win67 Automatic Phase Sensor Makes Combiner Unique Yes
8 Sum54 Autopilot Systems Yes
17 Spr67 AVCOM - Army Fleet of Over 8,000 Aircraft Yes
2 Sum54 Avianca Equips Two Constellations With IFS No
2 Win56 Aviation Sales No
3 Fal67 Aviation's Past relived in Iowa - Mrs. Ann Pellegreno Yes
20 Win62 Avionics System Center Yes
13 Spr69 Award of Merit - For the C-8310 Program Tape Cartridge Yes
— B —
25 Jan47 Background Noise - Jan 1947 No
21 Apr47 Background Noise - Apr 1947 No
23 Win58 Beechcraft Returned to Service After Modified Yes
12 Sum63 Big Boost in Power for WJAC - Goes from 250W to 10 KW Yes
2 Win52 Big Ear - 50 ft parabolic reflector Yes
16 Win52 Big Ear - 50 ft parabolic reflector Yes
4 Sum57 Big Talk Links SAC's Bomber Forces Yes
2 Fal58 Bird Call Yes
15 Win63 Blue Suitcases in Vietnam - Have KWM-1, Will Travel Yes
25 Spr64 Boeing Company Yes
13 Win61 Boy Operates Ham Station During Hurricane Yes
2 Sum54 Braniff Testing New 18S No
17 s3-60 Brasilia - Linked by Collins SSB No
29 Spr62 Breaking the Stereo Barrier Yes
22 Spr66 Breakthrough - Channel Spacing Problem Lead to Yes
16 Win59 Breakthrough in Antenna Bandwidth Yes
22 Apr61 British Air Registration Board has Approved the AP-103 No
9 Dec35 Broadcast equipment - 20C 300D and 12E Yes
13 Oct46 Broadcast Remote Amplifier Yes
6 S-F64 Broadcasters - View Future With Optimism at NAB Convention Yes
2 Win65 Builder of Steeples Yes
12 Fal62 Building the Mooncraft Yes
15 Fal54 Business Aircraft Equipment Sales Up No
22 Sum54 Business Flying Comes of Age Yes
24 Fal57 Business Flying - By Bill Stevens Yes
22 Win58 Business Flying - By Bill Stevens No
21 Spr58 Business Flying - By Bill Stevens Yes
26 Fal58 Business Flying - By Bill Stevens No
21 Win59 Business Flying - By Bill Stevens No
21 Spc59 Business Flying - By Bill Stevens No
21 s2-60 Business Flying - By Clayton Landers Yes
17 s3-60 Business Flying - By Clayton Landers No
30 Sum61 Business Flying - By Clayton Landers No
28 Win61 Business Flying - By Clayton Landers Yes
27 Spr62 Business Flying - By Clayton Landers Yes
— C —
2 Apr61 C-124 at McMurso Sound Antarctica Yes
2 Spr58 CAA - Placed $3302947 order for Microwave links No
2 Win56 CAA Approves IFS Under TSO-C4b No
29 Sum57 CAA Awards Collins $3-Million Microwave Contract No
11 Win58 CAA Jet Altitude Tests - B57's Used to Check Navigation Aids from 8 Miles Up Yes
27 Fal57 Camera Filming Small Town U.S.A. Yes
8 Fal65 Canadian Operation Expanded - Plant Size Nearly Doubled Yes
14 Fal53 Canadian Subsidiary - Announced No
2 Spc59 Case History: Reliability Yes
23 Apr61 CDP Building Nears Completion Yes
24 Jan47 Cedar Rapids Section IRE - 1946 No
23 Fal56 Cessna 620 carries full compliment of Collins Gear Yes
11 Fal58 Citco Microwave Yes
22 Apr61 Claude M. Harris Appointed Sales Manager of Alpha No
23 Win58 Cliff Corne Polio Victim Busy Ham - K9EA8 Yes
15 Win67 Coast Guardsmen With Wings - Coast Guard Aircraft Yes
1 Jul34 Coastguard Activities Described in Broadcast From U.S. Coastguard Cutter Northland Yes
22 Spr55 Collins Aboard New Learstar No
15 Spr56 Collins Airborne Weather Radar Yes
9 Win64 Collins and Echo Yes
2 Fal56 Collins Appointments - Personnel No
26 Win57 Collins Appointments - Personnel No
31 Spc59 Collins Appointments - Personnel No
10 Spr71 Collins Automated Plating Facility Yes
8 Fal55 Collins Automatic Pilot - AP-101 Yes
4 Sum54 Collins Aviation Equipment Yes
14 Spr58 Collins Brings New Standards of Performance to Business Aircraft Yes
27 Fal57 Collins CAC Factory Floor Yes
28 Sum61 Collins Canada Yes
12 Fal56 Collins CNI Yes
22 s2-60 Collins Demonstration Area Yes
8 Win61 Collins Doppler Guides Lufthansa Fleet Yes
23 Fal59 Collins Doppler Selected by Trans-Canada Air Lines No
15 Fal54 Collins Equipment On Vickers Viscount No
4 Jan34 Collins Equipment Will Bring News Of Little America Back To Civilization - Byrd Antarctic Expedition II Yes
22 Spr58 Collins Exhibit at Brussels World Fair Yes
30 Win61 Collins Exhibits at Canadian IRE Convention Yes
31 Win61 Collins Exhibits at Canadian IRE Convention Yes
27 s2-60 Collins First Listing of Stock on the Big Board Yes
13 Win62 Collins Flight Operations Yes
10 Spr56 Collins Gains Ownership of Missouri Firm - Communication Accessories Company No
2 Win56 Collins Increases Aircraft Fleet - Add three No
19 Oct46 Collins Literature Available Upon Request No
27 Jan47 Collins Literature Available Upon Request No
23 Apr47 Collins Literature Available Upon Request No
10 Oct46 Collins Main Plant Yes
18 s4-60 Collins Mechanical Filter Shown at Wescon No
7 Fal54 Collins Microwave Yes
2 Fal62 Collins Microwave - Links the world's rough spots Yes
11 Spr56 Collins Microwave for Service Yes
16 Win55 Collins Microwave Slated for Lumbering Firm - A.J. Hodges Industries, Inc No
24 Fal67 Collins Microwave Spans Korea Yes
3 Win53 Collins Navigation Computer - Air Navigation Aid Yes
4 Fal55 Collins New High Density Microwave Yes
2 Sum56 Collins Opens Miami Sales Office No
10 Spr56 Collins Opens Seattle Office No
15 Fal54 Collins Package Offered in New E18 Twin Beeches No
17 s4-60 Collins Pilots Harvey Hop and Clayton Landers Awarded Meritorious Safety Awards by NBAA No
27 Fal58 Collins Plane Flys Over New Addison Airport Yes
14 Win65 Collins Representative Honored for Vietnam Service Yes
13 Sum69 Collins Role in U.S. Space Communication Yes
19 s4-60 Collins Scatter Terminal Near Caracas Yes
2 Fal61 Collins Serves the World Yes
2 Fal58 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Fall 1958 No
2 Win59 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Winter 1959 No
2 Spc59 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Special 1959 No
2 Fal59 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Fall 1959 No
2 s2-60 Collins Signal - Table of Contents No. 2 1960 No
2 s3-60 Collins Signal - Table of Contents No. 3 1960 No
2 s4-60 Collins Signal - Table of Contents No. 4 1960 Yes
2 Apr61 Collins Signal - Table of Contents April 1964 No
2 Sum61 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Summer 1961 Yes
2 Fal61 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Fall 1961 No
2 Win61 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Winter 1961 Yes
2 Spr62 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Spring 1962 No
2 Sum62 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Summer 1962 No
2 Fal62 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Fall 1962 No
2 Win62 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Winter 1962 No
2 Spr63 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Spring 1963 No
2 Sum63 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Summer 1963 No
2 Fal63 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Fall 1963 No
2 Win63 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Winter 1963 No
2 Spr64 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Spring 1964 No
2 S-F64 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Spr/Fall 1964 No
2 Win64 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Winter 1964 No
2 Sum65 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Summer 1965 No
2 Fal65 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Fall 1965 No
2 Win65 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Winter 1965 No
2 Spr66 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Spring 1966 No
2 Sum66 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Summer 1966 No
2 Fal66 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Fall 1966 No
2 Win67 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Winter 1967 No
2 Spr67 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Spring 1967 No
2 Sum67 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Summer 1967 No
2 Fal67 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Fall 1967 No
2 Win68 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Winter 1968 No
2 Spr68 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Spring 1968 No
2 Spr69 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Spring 1969 No
2 Sum69 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Summer 1969 No
2 Spr71 Collins Signal - Table of Contents Spring 1971 No
4 Fal56 Collins Tackles Collision Menace Yes
30 Sum61 Collins Texas Division Introduces the MX-106 No
16 Win55 Collins to Market Airborne Weather Radar No
2 Win56 Collins to Market DME No
16 Win55 Collins to Supply Convair Fleet No
8 Apr33 Collins Transformers - How they are built Yes
14 Sum53 Collins Version No
4 Win54 Collins VOR Equipment Yes
19 s4-60 Collins Western Division Research to Move to New Laboratory Next Year Yes
7 Spr69 Collins/Lear Sigler Furnish L-1011 Avionics - Avionics Flight Control System Yes
16 Win55 Collins-Canada to Set Up Plant No
24 s2-60 Colombian Oil Network Yes
19 Fal67 Coming: Fan Jet for Small Airports - Fairchild F28 Yes
5 Sum57 Command SSB Net Instrumental in Round-the-World B-52 Flight Yes
30 Sum61 Communication and Data System Division Received $3,226,000 order for Data Transmission Equipment No
5 Sum53 Communication At AFMTC Yes
31 Sum61 Communication Center - WFAA-TV Yes
26 Win57 Communication For World-Circling B-52 Aided By Collins No
18 Fal61 Compact Communication System For Pershing Yes
30 Fal61 Company - Short Signals No
29 Win61 Company - Short Signals No
2 Fal55 Company Adds $5,125,000 to Capital - Sale of 122,500 shares No
2 Win54 Constellations Comets to Get 618S-1's No
5 Jan34 Construction Details of the Special Byrd 20B Yes
3 Sum54 Contents - Summer 1954 No
2 Fal54 Contents - Fall 1954 No
2 Win55 Contents - Winter 1955 No
2 Spr55 Contents - Spring 1955 Yes
3 Fal55 Contents - Fall 1954 No
3 Win56 Contents - Winter 1956 No
2 Spr56 Contents - Spring 1956 No
3 Sum56 Contents - Summer 1956 No
3 Fal56 Contents - Fall 1956 No
2 Win57 Contents - Winter 1957 No
3 Sum57 Contents - Summer 1957 No
3 Fal57 Contents - Fall 1957 No
3 Win58 Contents - Winter 1958 No
21 Spr71 Continental Telephone of California Yes
23 Spr58 Contract for transmitters signed by McClendon Yes
30 Fal61 Contracts - Short Signals No
29 Win61 Contracts - Short Signals No
30 Sum61 Contracts - Short Signals Totaling More Than $3,300,000 for DMEs No
22 Apr47 Contributors No
1 Fal57 Cover - Microwave parabolic Reflector Used By Trains Yes
1 Win65 Cover - 30 ft Antenna Collins Furnishing Apollo Yes
1 Sum53 Cover - 50 KW UHF Antenna Yes
1 Sum52 Cover - 80 foot. Antenna Yes
1 Fal63 Cover - 90mm Self Propelled Anti-tank Weapon Yes
1 Win63 Cover - A.W. (Tony) LeVier Fly's Experimental Aircraft Yes
1 Spr58 Cover - Aircraft Mod Center Yes
1 Win64 Cover - Amphibious Assault Yes
1 Sum56 Cover - Andrews Terminal antenna Yes
1 Dec35 Cover - Antenna Feed line Yes
1 Win68 Cover - Apollo 4 Rides Saturn V Yes
1 Spr63 Cover - Army Aviation Gets A Heavyweight Yes
1 S-F64 Cover - Atlas/Titan Hardened HF Antenna Yes
1 Fal59 Cover - Aviation Cadets Train in Cessna T-37 Yes
1 Win53 Cover - Aviation Issue - Wind Tunnel Yes
1 Sum57 Cover - Billboard Antenna - SAC SSB System No
1 Win67 Cover - Coast Guard Chopper Lands No
1 Fal58 Cover - Cold Morning at Little America Yes
1 Fal65 Cover - Collins Airplane Comes in for Landing Yes
1 s4-60 Cover - Collins and Alpha Capture an Echo Yes
1 Fal61 Cover - Collins Gives the Pershing a Voice Yes
1 Win54 Cover - Collins Laboratories a Maze of Electronic Gear Yes
1 Fal66 Cover - Collins Launch = Complex Communications Yes
1 Oct46 Cover - Collins Main Plant Yes
1 Spr67 Cover - Console for Priscilla Ellen HF Communication System Yes
1 Spr68 Cover - Dash 8 JetStar Yes
1 Sum54 Cover - Flight Testing of Equipment At Collins Aeronautical Laboratory Yes
1 Win55 Cover - Globemaster Airlifts 7 VOR Stations Yes
1 Fal53 Cover - Installed TVOR Unit Yes
1 Fal54 Cover - Introducing Collins Radio Sextant Yes
1 Sum66 Cover - M. S. Kungsholm Sails Into New York Yes
1 Spr62 Cover - Marine Corp Mission Preparedness Yes
1 Sum65 Cover - Mexico's PEMEX Microwave Antenna Yes
1 Win52 Cover - Moon Relay Yes
1 Spr55 Cover - New 205G-1 20 KW SSB Transmitter Yes
1 Spr64 Cover - New Your Central Night Train Yes
1 Fal62 Cover - Next Stop - The Moon Yes
1 Spr53 Cover - North Atlantic Weather Patrol Ships Yes
1 Fal67 Cover - Pacific Far East Line vessel Yes
1 Apr61 Cover - Pacific Scatter Site Yes
1 Sum69 Cover - Paris Air Show Yes
1 Sum63 Cover - Phantom IIs on The Prowl Yes
1 Fal56 Cover - Portable Transhorizon Demonstration Yes
1 Spc59 Cover - Project Mercury Yes
1 s3-60 Cover - Reflecting Balloon - Research Tool Yes
1 Spr71 Cover - Semiconductor Arrays Produced in Diffusion Furnace Yes
1 Sum61 Cover - Spacemen's View of Bahamas Islands Yes
1 s2-60 Cover - SSB for the Navy Yes
1 Win62 Cover - Swing-Tail for the Tigers Yes
1 Win61 Cover - T-38 Supersonic Trainer Bridges the Gap Yes
1 Spr66 Cover - Testing Thin-Film Microchip Yes
1 Spr69 Cover - The Moon As Seen From Apollo 8 Yes
1 Sum62 Cover - The USS Enterprise Goes to Sea Yes
1 Spr52 Cover - Trained - On a portable field shelter Yes
1 Win56 Cover - Transhorizon Communication Issue Yes
1 Win58 Cover - Transhorizon Receiving Terminal Yes
1 Sum67 Cover - Traveling Wave Tube Assembly Yes
1 Win57 Cover - Two Scandinavian DB-7C to rendezvous over the North Pole Yes
1 Spr56 Cover - Weather on Radar Yes
1 Fal55 Cover - Wind tunnel test Yes
1 Win59 Cover - X-15 Pilots Underwent Strenuous Centrifuge Tests Yes
23 Fal56 CPO Owen Perry tine a 30K-5 HF Transmitter in Deepfreeze operation Yes
30 Sum57 CRTA Presentation Yes
16 Spr71 C-System Automated MOS/LSI Design Processing Yes
2 Sum52 Cyclotron - at Argonne National Laboratory Yes
8 Sum52 Cyclotron - at Argonne National Laboratory Yes
— D —
27 s2-60 Daily Contact on Voyage to Tokyo Yes
18 Spr68 Dash 8 Joins Cat II Fraternity Yes
2 Sum65 Data Transmission Yes
27 Sum62 Deep Space Antenna Yes
30 Spc59 Delivery of First AN/TRC-75 to Marines Yes
2 Spr58 Delta Air Lines - Order for $500,000 No
24 Spr56 Delta Air Lines Chooses Collins Weather Radar Yes
2 Spr58 Delta County Cooperative - Telephone Company No
10 Spr56 Delta Outfits Fleet With Collins No
26 Fal65 Desert Shooting Gallery - White Sands Missile Range Yes
16 S-F64 Desert Strike - Tactical Military Units in a Massive Test of Men and Machines Yes
14 Sum53 Design Engineers No
3 Spr69 Destination North Pole - Ralph Plaisted Yes
10 Win59 Destination: Space Yes
22 Spr68 Determining HF Radiation Pattern Characteristics Yes
4 Fal57 Dew Line - Great Electronic Wall Yes
25 Spr68 Digital Frequency Monitoring - Using Special Purpose Frequency Counter Yes
10 Sum69 Direct Digital Control Automates 250-KW HF Broadcast Facility - 821A-2 Yes
11 Apr61 DME - A New Air to Air Navigation Yes
17 s4-60 DOD Awards $1314588 for AN/VRC-24 No
14 s2-60 Doppler - Computer - Computing Position and Navigation Situation Yes
9 s2-60 Doppler - Theory and Sensor Yes
2 Sum54 Douglas Reduces Co-Ax With New 37X No
9 Fal61 Down Range Flight No. 2 Yes
2 Fal65 Down the Path to Zero-Zero Yes
8 Spr68 Down-Under Satellite Station Put Into Operation - Australia Yes
11 Jul34 Dr. H. A. D. Baer - An Eminent Surgeon and an Enthusiastic Amateur Yes
10 Spr56 Dr. Harold V. Gaskill Named Vice President No
31 Spc59 Dr. Ray H. DuHamel and Dave G. Berry Get Cash Prize for Antenna Work Yes
31 Spc59 Dr.D.O. McCoy named Fellow by IRE No
10 Win63 DX-Pedition - Gus Browning W4BPD Yes
— E —
2 S-F64 Earthquake Aftermath - Pacific Northern Airlines Relied on Radio Communications Yes
3 Apr47 Editorial Speaking - Advertising Claims No
3 Jan47 Editorial Speaking - Reponses to Signal Most Gratifying No
3 Oct46 Editorial Speaking - The First Post War Issue of Signal No
2 Fal56 Educational Grants Established By Collins No
22 Apr61 Edwin A. Williams Elected VP Operations Control No
15 Fal54 Eisenhower's Super Constellation Equipped By Collins No
23 Fal65 Electrically Small Antennas - New Class of Antennas Yes
4 Win59 Electronics for Mach 2 Jets Yes
26 Fal61 Electronics Research Center Yes
17 Sum52 Emergency Net - Amateur network provided communications for flood-threatened area Yes
10 Sum69 Emetteur de Radioduffusion de 250-KW Onde Courte Automatise par Commande Digitale Directe Yes
16 Fal54 Emphasis: Engineering No
2 Oct46 Engineering - Our Stock-In-Trade No
2 Win54 Engineers present nine papers AT the IRE New York Convention No
14 Sum53 Entire Quant No
14 Jan47 Evolution of the Autotune Yes
31 Win61 Exact Scale Model of TST-101 presenter to Pres. Sukatno of Indonesia Yes
2 Win62 Executive Mustang - Bob Hoover Yes
2 Fal57 Expansion - R & D Facility in Richardson Texas No
27 Fal58 Explorer IV Yes
2 Win64 Exploring the Mysteries of Space/Goddard Space Flight Center Yes
3 Spr71 Exploring the Northwest Passage - SS Manhattan the First to Open it Yes
2 Win56 Export Sales No
— F —
23 Spr63 FAA Academy Yes
16 Fal57 Fairways' Convair 440 Yes
25 Win67 FD-109G - New Flight Director Boosts Aircraft Performance Yes
22 Fal61 Filling A Void in Avionics Testing Yes
16 s4-60 Financial Report - Sales earnings highest in Collins Radio History Yes
14 Fal53 First 618S Goes to Sabena No
12 Sum53 First NC-101 Customer - National Supply of Pittsburgh for its B-23 Yes
7 Spr67 First of a Breed - Satellite Earth Station Yes
18 Sum61 First of the Corporate Jets - Lockheed JetStar Yes
12 Fal53 First RC-101 Installation - Northwest Orient Airlines installs VHF Ground Station Remote Control Yes
4 Fal53 First Score - Collins 20 years old Yes
27 Fal58 First Word To Reach President Nixon via KWM-1 Yes
10 Spr64 Fleet Communication System - Navy communication Yes
18 Sum52 Fletcher's Island - Weather Station on top of the world Yes
13 Win67 Flexibility With a Pallet - Collins Palletized Communication System Yes
7 Sum54 Flight Director System - FD102 103 & 104 Yes
31 Spc59 Flight Operation Training Film for FD-105 System Yes
30 Spr66 Florida Boosts Engineering Education Yes
9 Spr58 Fly-IN Service Base - Air Modification Center Yes
17 s3-60 Flying the Freeway Express - With KMPC TV helicopter Yes
8 Win52 Flying the Picture - New Flight System with graphic display Yes
22 Sum66 FM Stereo Color it Arrived MISSING Yes
20 Spr66 For CAT II - Jet Commander Okayed for CAT II Yes
18 s4-60 Formation of a Division to Provide Electronic Data Processing Announced No
8 Sum66 Fort Bliss Yes
12 Spr63 Fort Rucker Yes
30 Spc59 Four Amateurs Marked up Over 5,000 QSO's Yes
2 Fal55 Four Elected To Board No
2 Spr63 From Cubs to Caribous Yes
14 Sum66 From Knowledge Sea Power - U.S. Naval Academy Yes
3 Win52 Front Cover - Communication by way of the Moon Yes
2 Fal57 Front Office Changes No
2 Win56 Front Office Changes - Personnel No
— G —
16 Fal66 Gateway to Space - John F. Kennedy Space Center Yes
8 Win68 GEEIA: The Can-Do Agency - Air Force Logistic Command Yes
19 Fal62 Gemini Yes
10 Sum67 General Aviation County Fair - Reading Air Show Yes
8 Spr67 Georgia's Mr. CATV - Hank Diambra Yes
29 Fal61 Getting the SIGNAL? - Want to be added to mailing list? Yes
20 Spr62 Getting the SIGNAL? - Want to be added to mailing list? Yes
22 Apr61 Glenn M. Bergmann Named Director of Marketing No
20 Spr68 Gordon Fabian runs the Collins Computerized Analog Simulator - Used for Dash 8 Cat II Flight Simulations Yes
2 Fal56 Government Bureau Orders Transhorizon Equipment No
24 Sum57 GRC-19 Collins Yes
27 Fal55 Ground - AN/GRC-27 Yes
19 Sum54 Ground HF Receivers Yes
18 Sum54 Ground HF Transmitters Yes
20 Sum54 Ground VHF Communications Remote Control System Yes
12 Sum54 Ground VOR Systems Yes
30 Sum61 Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp. Order FD-105 for MoHawk No
— H —
22 Apr61 H.C. Briggs Appointed VP Collins Radio International C.A. No
13 Sum56 Ham Shack on Wheels Yes
5 Jul34 Henry C. Furch Amateur letter to Collins on 300A performance No
13 Sum65 HF Propagation Predictions - By Ramsay P. Decker Collins Propagation Research Engineer Yes
29 Win64 High Frequency Broadcasting - Today's Medium for International Communication Yes
6 Win67 High Speed Data Transmissions - ASK Yes
23 Fal59 Highest Earnings in Collins History Were Achieved No
2 Sum56 Highway In the Sky - Color Movie of the IFS No
21 Sum69 Histoire de la Wardair Yes
2 Sum54 Hollinger-Ungava Buys Collins Equipment For Air Fleet No
10 Spr52 How Russia Van Jam VOA Broadcasts Yes
6 Apr61 Huachua - Mew Voice From an Old Frontier Yes
8 Jul34 Hung Dau Ching-K6IDK Amateur letter to Collins on 300A performance No
17 Win65 Hurricane Mysteries Probed by Winged Meteorologists Yes
— I —
2 Spr58 I.H. Gerks - becomes Fellow in IRE No
2 Spr53 IFS - Integrated Flight System Yes
8 Win53 IFS Production Increased Yes
29 Sum57 IFS Specified For New Jets Turboprops No
4 Feb33 Important New Collins Developments - teaser for next issue No
3 Oct46 Index - Oct 1946 No
3 Jan47 Index - Jan 1947 No
3 Apr47 Index - Apr 1947 No
31 Spc59 Indonesian Government Place $400,000 order for HF Equipment No
28 Sum65 Injun Explorer Satellite - University of Iowa Physics Dept head by Dr. James A. Van Allen Yes
2 Win54 Integrated Flight System to Be Installed In Comets No
1 Mar33 Intro - Full details of two new Collins Transmitters Yes
10 Sum57 Introducing Mobile SSB Yes
1 Feb33 Introduction to Collins Signal No
26 Sum56 IRE Convention Yes
14 Spr53 IRE Convention - Collins shows 52 equipments at 1953 New York Convention Yes
— J —
2 Jul34 J. E. Preston Amateur letter to Collins on 300A performance Yes
22 Apr61 James H. Green Jr Appointed Director of Space Communications No
16 Sum56 Jet Age Communication System Yes
30 Sum61 Jet Fleet - Eastern Airlines use Collins Equipment No
4 Win58 Jet-Propelled Command Post - LeMay KC-135 Yes
22 Apr61 John B. Tuthill Elected VP Finance No
18 s4-60 John L. Plant Appointed Vice President of Collins Canada No
22 Apr61 John H. Boyle Named General Manager of Communications and Data Processing No
27 Sum56 Junior Achievers Yes
— K —
17 Sum57 Kineplex Yes
2 Win56 KMYU to Be Completely Collins-Equipped - No
14 Win61 K-TON - Radio Station Yes
26 Fal57 KWM-1 was Demonstrated to Armed Forces Yes
2 Fal61 KWM-2 & 32RS-1 link the Cast of Lawrence of Arabia Movie Yes
19 Spr66 KWM-2 System Meets Urgent Army Needs Yes
— L —
31 Win61 La Toriocuriz - Holds Vega Mike Yes
23 Spr56 Latest Miniature Coil Winder Yes
25 Sum65 Launch-Complex Communications Yes
5 Win61 Lawrence of Arabia Yes
13 Sum69 Le Role de Collins dans le Programme Spatial Americain Yes
10 Spr53 Learning With Scrap - Elementary students put industrial scrap to use as new art material Yes
22 Win63 Legendary Lightning The P-38 Fighter Yes
6 Apr33 Letters from Collins Customers Yes
27 s2-60 Lightweight FD-107 on Cessna 310C Yes
30 Sum61 Lockheed F-104G Jet will have the 618W-2 No
23 Fal59 Lockheed orders $1-Million of Collins Equipment for their Business Jets No
14 Spr71 London Data Center Completes Fifth Year of Operation Yes
4 Sum53 Long Range Guided Missile Yes
27 Win57 Longest Passive Repeater Microwave Link Yes
2 Sum54 Look Ma No Tubes - AP-101 No
— M —
11 Sum54 Magnetic Compass System - MC-101 Yes
23 Spr58 Maj Gen. James D. O'Connell visits Collins Yes
9 Fal67 Mammoth From Marietta - C5A Yes
15 Fal65 manned Spacecraft Center - NASA's MSC Yes
14 S-F64 Manufacturing Improvement - PDQ Projects Stress Manufacturing Improvements Yes
11 Win64 MARCOM Relay - Microwave Airborne Radio Relay Communication Yes
10 Fal66 Maritime Navigation and the Radio Sextant Yes
12 Fal59 Maritime Island Microwave - Antidote for a Sleet Storm Yes
18 Spr55 Marker Beacon Reliability Boosted Yes
14 Sum52 Mars Calling - Amateurs linked for emergencies Yes
15 Sum53 MATS CG at Collins Hanger Yes
14 Sum63 McDonnell Yes
17 s4-60 McDonnell Aircraft Awards Contract to Investigate Unmanned Landing on the Moon No
27 Spr67 Measuring Large-Antenna Radiation Yes
25 Spc59 Mercury Communication Yes
6 Sum65 Message Switching Center - Europe's Most Advanced Message Switching Center Yes
12 Spr64 Microelectronics Yes
14 Spr66 Microelectronics Today Yes
24 Sum65 Microfilm Retrieval - Access to 400,000 pages of Component Information Yes
17 Spc59 Microwave at Tampa Yes
29 Sum57 Microwave for Petroleum - Telephone Applications No
18 Sum65 Microwave in Mexico - A New Path Along the Pipelines of Mexico Yes
19 Fal65 Microwave on the Plains Yes
2 Fal55 Microwave Sales No
22 Fal57 Microwave Serves Rail Line Yes
17 s3-60 Microwave Systems - Ordered by many No
7 Fal62 Microwave Systems for Tomorrow Yes
26 Win61 Microwave Transmission of Educational Television Yes
29 Spr63 Mid-Valley's Thousand Mile Pipeline Yes
10 Spr69 Military Affiliated Radio Systems (MARS) Yes
5 Win52 Military Band Transfer - Armed Forces move to UHF Yes
22 Fal55 Military UHF Communication Program - ARC-27/GRC-27 Yes
25 Win68 Mod Circuits Now in Vogue - Cordwood Blue Cubes Yes
14 Win52 Moon Relay - Moon uses as a reflector Yes
6 Win65 Moon Talk Via S-Band Yes
4 Sum52 More Channels - New Mechanical Filter Yes
18 s4-60 More Than $1Million Kineplex Data Communication Equipment supplied to U.S. Army No
28 S-F64 MTDS - Helps Coordinate the Marine Assault Yes
3 Dec35 Multiband Antenna for High Frequencies, Section I. Practical Data Yes
10 Win57 Mutual Interference - Radios Yes
— N —
18 Spr56 NAESU - Corp of Civil Engineers Yes
9 s4-60 NASA's 'Project Echo' - Advancing Communication Research Through an echo Yes
21 Spr67 National Range Division - U.S. Air Force World Largest Laboratory Yes
23 Sum62 Naval Citation - Arthur Collins Accepts the Navy Distinguished Public Service Award Yes
7 Fal67 Naval Communication Expanded in Southeast Asia - Vietnam Communication Complexes Yes
15 s4-60 Naval Tactical Data System - NTDS provides instant processing of combat information Yes
6 Sum54 Navigation Receivers Yes
17 s3-60 Navy Fighter Aircraft - Navy contract of $1.5 Million for UHF & TACAN No
27 Win57 Navy Super Constellation Equipped With Collins Amateur Gear Yes
26 Win57 Nearly $31-Million in communication IFS Awarded - Government contracts No
6 Oct33 New 1200C Power Supply - Description and Specifications Yes
8 Jan34 New 1200C Power Supply - Description and Specifications Yes
20 Win54 New Amateur Equipment Yes
2 Win54 New Automatic Flight System Demonstrated on West Coast - FD-103 No
11 Spr67 New Avionics - 618N-2 and 51RV-2 Yes
12 Jan34 New Data on the 4A Yes
8 Win58 New Dimensions in Electronics Yes
13 Spr53 New Engineering Building - In Cedar Rapids Yes
16 Fal59 New Fabrication Plant Yes
15 Spr68 New Filter Development - Crystal Filters Yes
14 Fal53 New Filter Eliminates Side Band Interference No
17 Win55 New Ham Gear Yes
25 Win65 New High in Air Safety - Fleet Air Control and Surveillance Yes
13 Spr66 New High-Wire Act - Trailing Wire Antenna Yes
2 Fal53 New Lab - Collins Engineering Building Yes
28 Fal62 New Lift at Low Level - Bell Helicopter Yes
14 Fal61 New Line of Crystal Filters Yes
10 Fal61 New Look Proves Smash Success Yes
13 Fal61 New Product Profile - 30L-1 Yes
27 Sum61 New Product Profile - 51S-1 Yes
22 Apr61 New Products - Featured at IRE Convention No
11 Spr62 New Products Profile - 75S-3 Yes
24 Win61 New Punch for Voice of America Yes
20 Apr47 New RF Output Circuit for the 30K Transmitter No
3 Sum61 New Slant on Service Yes
2 Fal57 New System Division - J.D. Nyquist to head No
15 Spr67 New Test Set Introduced - 980L-1/440Ys Yes
24 Apr47 New VHF Navigation System Proved - at Indianapolis in Fog and Snow No
16 Spr64 New York Central System Yes
19 s4-60 News in Pictures - No. 4 1960 Yes
23 Apr61 News in Pictures - April 1964 Yes
28 Fal61 News in Pictures - Fall 1961 Yes
30 Win61 News in Pictures - Winter 1961 No
30 Spr62 News in Pictures - Spring 1962 Yes
7 Jan47 Night view of Collins Hanger Yes
2 Win67 North Carolina Success Story - Largest Non-Bell Telephone Company Yes
17 s4-60 North Central Airlines Buys 42 618F-1 VHF Transceivers No
2 Win54 Northwest Orient Radio Free Europe Buy 231D-20 Autotune Transmitters No
16 Jan47 Notes on Employee Testing Yes
5 Apr33 Notes on the 30W No
— O —
18 Apr61 Ocean-Hopping Old Hat to Light-Twin Pilot No
18 s3-60 Offshore Oil SSB Yes
22 Fal66 O'Hare - World's largest Civilian Airport Yes
14 Apr61 Okinawa-Taiwan Troposcatter System Yes
25 S-F64 On Board the Blimps - Goodyear Blimps Yes
10 Win61 On Board With Collins Doppler Yes
23 Sum57 On The Air - Events & Activities in the Radio Broadcasting Industry - Summer 1957 No
25 Fal57 On The Air - Events & Activities in the Radio Broadcasting Industry - Fall 1957 No
22 Win58 On The Air - Events & Activities in the Radio Broadcasting Industry - Winter 1958 No
26 Fal58 On The Air - Events & Activities in the Radio Broadcasting Industry - Fall 1958 No
21 s2-60 On The Air - Events & Activities in the Radio Broadcasting Industry - 212G-1 Input Console - No. 2 1960 Yes
28 Spc59 On The Air - Events & Activities in the Radio Broadcasting Industry - Automatic Tape Control - Special 1959 Yes
22 Fal59 On The Air - Events & Activities in the Radio Broadcasting Industry - The M-60 Amplifier - Fall 1959 Yes
24 Spr62 On the Air in Venezuela Yes
16 Spr68 One Year Guarantee - Standard Fruit & Steamship Co. Yes
16 Fal58 Operation Deep Freeze Yes
12 Spr56 Operation Deep Freeze Yes
30 Sum66 Operation Deepfreeze - Antarctic Yes
2 Sum56 Operation Deepfreeze Amateur Activity No
3 Spr56 Operation Payload - Airborne weight/space reduction Yes
5 Spr52 Operation Vagabond - VOA floating radio station Yes
18 Spr69 Operational Effectiveness of Antenna Tracking/Communication System Drivers - Methods of Analysis Yes
2 Sum62 Orbiting Weather Eye Yes
2 Sum54 Orders Received For Eight VOR'S No
7 Oct46 Oscillator Cam Cutter Yes
14 Fal53 Oscillators Offered to Industry No
4 Feb33 Our Factory And Laboratory Now Located in New Modern Quarters - 2920 First Ave. N.E. No
18 s4-60 Over 50 Members of press View Equipment at U.S. Army Proving Grounds No
15 Fal54 Ozark Orders 51R 51V Receivers No
— P —
4 Apr47 P.T.O. - A New Approach to the Master Oscillator, Part I Yes
2 Sum63 Pacific Missile Range Yes
6 s3-60 Pacific Missile Range - Missile Range Nerve System Yes
2 Sum54 Pan American Orders Collins Latest VHF Equipment for DC-7C's No
16 Fal61 Paris Air Show Yes
2 Sum69 Paris: le Grand Salon - Paris Air Show Yes
16 Sum62 Partners In Communication Progress Yes
23 Spr56 Passive Repeater Yes
14 Sum53 Patents - Fourteen Patents Issued - Summer 1953 No
14 Fal53 Patents - Sixteen patents issued - Fall 1953 No
2 Win54 Patents - Six patents Issued to Collins - Winter 1954 No
2 Sum54 Patents - Fourteen Patents Issued to Collins - Summer 1954 No
15 Fal54 Patents - Four Patents Issued to Collins - Fall 1954 No
16 Win55 Patents - Fourteen Patents Issued for Collins Inventions - Winter 1955 No
22 Spr55 Patents - Eleven Patents Issued to Collins - Spring 1955 No
2 Fal55 Patents - Eight patents issued to Collins - Fall 1954 No
14 Spr56 Patents - Twenty-Six patents Issued to Collins - Spring 1956 No
2 Sum56 Patents - Eight patents issued to Collins - Summer 1956 No
29 Sum57 Patents - Nine patents issued to Collins - Summer 1957 No
25 Fal57 Patents - Six patents issued to Collins - Fall 1957 No
21 Spc59 Patents - Fifty Patents issued to Collins - Special 1959 No
22 Fal59 Patents - Forty-Three Patents Issued to Collins - Fall 1959 No
19 Apr61 Patents - Twenty-Three patents issued to Collins - April 1964 No
30 Fal61 Patents - Twenty-Six patents issued to Collins - Fall 1961 No
11 Spr62 Patents - Twelve patents issued to Collins - Spring 1962 No
26 Win62 Patents - Forty-Four patents issued to Collins - Winter 1962 No
21 Fal63 Paul Mantz - Stunt Flyer Yes
25 Sum66 Peace Power and Progress - British Columbia Canada Yes
6 Spr64 Performance and Versatility to a T - 818T Yes
30 Fal61 Personnel - Short Signals - Fall 1961 No
29 Win61 Personnel - Short Signals - Winter 1961 No
2 Fal55 Personnel Changes No
24 Spr55 Photofolio - News in Pictures - Spring 1955 Yes
23 Spr56 Photofolio - News in Pictures - Spring 1956 Yes
26 Sum56 Photofolio - News in Pictures - Summer 1956 Yes
23 Fal56 Photofolio - News in Pictures - Fall 1956 Yes
27 Win57 Photofolio - News in Pictures - Winter 1957 Yes
30 Sum57 Photofolio - News in Pictures - Summer 1957 Yes
26 Fal57 Photofolio - News in Pictures - Fall 1957 Yes
23 Win58 Photofolio - News in Pictures - Winter 1958 Yes
22 Spr58 Photofolio - News in Pictures - Spring 1958 Yes
27 Fal58 Photofolio - News in Pictures - Fall 1958 Yes
30 Spc59 Photofolio - News in Pictures - Special 1959 Yes
27 s2-60 Photofolio - News in Pictures - No. 2 1960 Yes
7 Jan47 PICAO - The Professional International Civil Aviation Organization Yes
18 Jan47 Pi-Network Calculator Yes
10 Spr66 Pole Cats Hustles Around the World - Over Both Poles Yes
24 Sum56 Portable Transhorizon Communication Yes
22 Fal58 Position By Radio Sextant Yes
20 Sum61 Positive Identification - 621A-2A Transponder Yes
2 Spr58 Power Transistor: A fresh approach to Avionics design Yes
12 Win54 Precision-Tuned Oscillators Yes
14 Sum57 Premiere For SSB Designs - At IRE Convention Yes
9 Spc59 Price of Reliability Yes
7 Apr33 Prices On Request - No longer in catalogs No
2 Spr67 Priscilla Ellen - HF Communication System Yes
20 s3-60 Probing Scatter Medium Yes
21 Fal58 Product Profile - 32RS-1 SSB Transceiver Yes
22 Win59 Product Profile - Collins S/Line Yes
20 Fal59 Product Profile - 618F-1 Yes
24 s3-60 Product Profile - 618T Airborne SSB Transceiver Yes
26 s2-60 Product Profile - KWM-2 Yes
29 Spr68 Product Support - Worldwide Support Yes
30 Fal61 Products - Short Signals No
29 Win61 Products - Short Signals No
8 Fal62 Project Apollo Yes
— Q —
15 Fal54 Quantas Orders More 618S Transceivers No
12 Spr62 Quantico Yes
8 Sum62 Queen of the Seas - USS Enterprise Yes
20 Fal62 Quiet Revolution in Computer Development Yes
— R —
25 Sum65 RADIC Launch-Complex Communications Yes
22 Spc59 Radio Guidance From the Sky - New Radio Sextant Yes
30 Spr64 Radio on the River Yes
11 Fal54 Radio Telescope Studies Eclipse Yes
25 Sum67 Radiometeorology The New Science - Exploring Interaction of Meteorological and Radio Propagation Yes
22 Apr61 Raymond V. Bruland Appointed Manager of Aviation Product Line No
22 Apr61 Rear Admiral Henry. C. Bruton Named Director of Fleet Communication of Alpha No
4 Mar33 Re-Broadcast - news from Amateurs Yes
5 Apr33 Re-Broadcast - news from Amateurs Yes
25 Fal57 Recent Articles - Published in various Magazines No
2 Sum56 Recent Aviation Sales No
22 Apr47 Recent Letters No
3 Spr55 Reliability Yes
27 Spr66 Reliability Costs - Better MTBF Costs More Yes
8 Spc59 Reliability Nomograph Yes
21 Sum54 Remote Control System Yes
24 Win59 Remote Radar Surveillance Yes
13 Win59 Remote VHF Stations for Delta Yes
13 Spr68 Reptile With a Roar - HueyCobra From Bell Helicopter Yes
7 Spr62 Requiem for a Heavyweight - B36 Yes
2 Fal57 Resent Sales No
15 Fal54 RESORT to Equip Fleet With Collins No
22 Apr61 Richard F. Haglund Appointed Director of New Service Division No
17 s4-60 Riddle Airlines Purchases Places Order of $98,408 for 17L-7s and 51X-2s No
23 Win54 Risser-Larsen - Scandinavian Airlines - Visitors Yes
22 Apr61 Robert C. Terbeck Appointed Director of Field Service No
22 Apr61 Robert P. Dutton Elected VP Government Representation No
13 Sum67 Rome Air Development Center - Fort Stanwix Yes
27 Win57 Rome-Naples Transhorizon Demonstration Yes
21 Sum63 Roscoe Turner - Now company executive Yes
23 Spr56 Roscoe Turner Checked Out the NC-101 Yes
— S —
25 Sum63 S/Line for the R.A.F. Yes
3 s4-60 SAC's 'Short Order' System - A new SSB Communications Gives SAC more positive control No
15 Fal54 SAS Purchasing Additional VHF Equipment No
2 Fal57 Satellite Interrogation No
30 Sum57 Scatter Caravan Yes
25 Win55 Schematics Yes
2 Spr62 Schooling Today to Meet the C & E Demands of Tomorrow Yes
2 Apr47 Scope - Collins view of many fields No
4 Spr53 Sea Going Weathermen - Coastguard cutters serve as island Yes
3 Sum66 Seagoing Splendor From Scandinavia - M. S. Kungsholm Yes
6 Dec35 Section II - Transmission Line Loss Calculation and Measurement Yes
3 Win55 Service - A global Operation Yes
2 Fal56 Service Orders Seven-Station Microwave System No
2 Win56 Service Pipeline Company to Use Collins Microwave No
12 Jul34 Seth Parker The cruise of the Yes
9 Sum53 Seven New Engineers Learn About Collins - Personal interviews with management Yes
2 Fal56 Shell To Use Transhorizon In Venezuela No
19 s4-60 Short Orders Movie - Part of Collins Exhibit at AFA Yes
14 Sum53 Short Signals - Introducing Collins Newsletter No
14 Fal53 Short Signals - Newsletter - Fall 1953 No
2 Win54 Short Signals - Newsletter - Winter 1954 No
2 Sum54 Short Signals - Newsletter - Summer 1954 No
15 Fal54 Short Signals - Newsletter - Fall 1954 No
16 Win55 Short Signals - Newsletter - Winter 1955 No
22 Spr55 Short Signals - Newsletter - Spring 1955 No
2 Fal55 Short Signals - Newsletter - Fall 1954 No
2 Win56 Short Signals - Newsletter - Winter 1956 No
10 Spr56 Short Signals - Newsletter - Spring 1956 No
2 Sum56 Short Signals - Newsletter - Summer 1956 No
2 Fal56 Short Signals - Newsletter - Fall 1956 No
26 Win57 Short Signals - Newsletter - Winter 1957 No
29 Sum57 Short Signals - Newsletter - Summer 1957 No
2 Fal57 Short Signals - Newsletter - Fall 1957 No
2 Spr58 Short Signals - Newsletter - Spring 1958 No
31 Spc59 Short Signals - Newsletter - Special 1959 No
23 Fal59 Short Signals - Newsletter - Fall 1959 No
17 s3-60 Short Signals - Newsletter - No. 3 1960 No
17 s4-60 Short Signals - Newsletter - No. 4 1960 No
21 Apr61 Short Signals - Newsletter - April 1964 No
30 Sum61 Short Signals - Newsletter - Summer 1961 No
30 Fal61 Short Signals - Newsletter - Fall 1961 No
29 Win61 Short Signals - Newsletter - Winter 1961 No
24 Jan47 Shows and Hamfests Attended - 1946 No
7 Sum66 Sight Savers - Eye Bank Network Yes
2 Fal55 Signal Corps Trans Horizon Contract - Signal Corp No
2 Dec35 Signal message from Arthur Collins No
18 Spr63 Signal Mountain Yes
21 Spr62 Signals Bounced Off Shattered Balloon Yes
13 Win58 Signals From Thunder Mountain - Transhorizon Communication at Army's Electronic Proving Ground Yes
2 Spr64 Silver Star in the Sky - Passive communication satellite Yes
30 Sum62 Silver-Lining for the Sabrejet Yes
20 Fal67 Single Sideband Frequency Control - Frequency Accuracy Yes
10 Spr56 Six Collins Papers Selected for IRE Convention - 1956 National IRE Convention in New York No
17 Sum67 Sky High Samaritans - Scott Air Force Base Yes
23 Win62 Solid State Systems - Collins introduces a new concept in aircraft communication Yes
7 Win63 South African Airways Yes
3 Win59 Space Probe Communication Yes
11 Win65 Sparta in Colorado - Air Force Academy Yes
8 Fal63 Special Warfare Center Yes
30 Win62 Speculative Inventory - Programmed Inventory Yes
8 S-F64 Springboard to Space - Arnold Engineering Development Center Yes
4 Sum56 SSB - A revolution in emission Yes
12 Spr55 SSB - Single Sideband Yes
2 s2-60 SSB for the Navy Yes
6 Fal56 SSB In Global Communication Yes
27 Win68 SST Avionics - Supersonic Transport Avionics Yes
27 Sum56 Station WKRS fire Yes
22 Spr58 Steel Structure of New C.R. Manufacturing Facility Yes
31 Fal65 Stereo Via Satellite Yes
31 Spc59 Stockholders Voted to Reclassify Class A (voting) to Class B (Non-voting) Common Stock No
26 Spr63 Strike! - Swift tactical reaction in every known environment Yes
16 Sum65 Sunrise at Pad 19 - Gemini Gantry Yes
14 Sum53 Swissair Chief Pilot No
— T —
26 Spr71 TACAMO III Naval Airborne Communication System Yes
8 Fal57 TACAN and the Collins ARN-46 Yes
29 Sum69 TACSATCOM - A Joint Military Communication System Yes
29 Sum69 TACSATCOM - On system dw communication a plusieurs Yes
29 Sum67 TACSATCOM - Tactical Satellite Communication System Yes
29 Sum63 Tactical Communication Equipment Yes
17 Fal57 Taking the Heat Off Electronics Yes
15 Apr47 Tall Corn Hamfest No
26 Win57 TCA Viscount Fleet to Use Collins Automatic Pilot No
26 Jan47 Technical Papers and Articles - Jan 1946 No
23 Spr58 Ted Henry leaves for DXeposition and operating KWM-1 Yes
24 Spr66 Teen-Aged Explorers - Collins-Sponsored Explorer Post Yes
29 Win65 Telecommunication Canadian Style - Canadian National Telecommunications Yes
28 Fal61 Teleguides Give Detailed Instructions Yes
22 Spr55 Ten Collins Papers For N.Y. IRE Show No
27 Fal58 Texas Division R & D Building Yes
25 s3-60 Texas-New Mexico Line - Microwave Controls Texas-New Mexico Pipeline Yes
28 Win65 TGW Speaks With New Authority - The Voice of Guatemala Yes
26 Win63 That Others May Live - U.S. Air Force Air Rescue Service Yes
3 Apr33 The 300B Transmitter - Description Yes
4 Apr33 The 4A Transmitter - Entry into extremely low-priced field Yes
26 Sum54 The 7's Winner - DC-7 Aircraft Yes
13 Sum62 The Big E - USS Enterprise Yes
1 Jan34 The Byrd Antarctic Expedition II Sails With a Complete Collins Short Wave Broadcasting Station Aboard Yes
24 Win58 The Collins Man is here With Your Radio Station Sir Yes
20 Spr63 The Collins Mechanical Filter Yes
2 Feb33 The Collins Type 20B - Discussion about Yes
6 Jan34 The Collins Type 20B - Reprinted from February 1933 Signal Yes
28 Sum62 The Communication Worked Beautifully on Mercury Space Capsule Yes
23 Sum61 The Crowded Sky Yes
19 Sum66 The Crowded Sky Making it Safe - ADSA Yes
16 Apr47 The Drift Cancelled Oscillator Yes
21 Win65 The Electromechanical Way - The Mechanical Filter Yes
27 Win62 The ETV Around Us Yes
17 s4-60 The Federal Aviation Agency Awards Collins With over $5-Million for Microwave Link Installations No
11 Spr58 The First of the Executive Jets - Lockheed JetStar Yes
3 s2-60 The Fleet's New Communication Yes
8 Win62 The Flying Tiger Line Yes
6 Win62 The Flying Tigers Yes
3 Fal54 The Magic of Microwaves - Industrial Applications Yes
3 Sum67 The Making of a Microwave System Yes
3 Jan34 The Men Who Operate Radio Equipment of the Expedition - Byrd Antarctic Expedition II Yes
31 Spc59 The Navy Has Ordered $2-Million for Microwave and Kineplex Systems No
11 Win68 The Quiet Revolution - U.S. Coast Guard Academy Yes
9 Win53 The Seed That Became A Tree - Story of the Delta Wing Yes
29 Fal66 The Serious Business of Make Believe - System Simulators Yes
4 Jan47 The Seventy-Five-A - A Permeability Tuned Amateur Receiver Yes
2 Sep35 The Signal is resumed No
24 Spr69 The Tallahassee Trilogy - Community Committee & Communicator Yes
30 Fal63 The Third Dimension Flight Directors Enter Yes
3 Apr61 The Professional Amateur Radios - S/Line KWM-2 Yes
23 Fal59 Thermoelectric Spot Cooler Yes
3 Spr68 They Think Like Customers - Collins Product Audit Department Yes
3 Win54 This Issue - Winter 1954 No
22 Apr61 Thomas E. Daniels Appointed Military System Sales Manager No
5 Sum62 Through the Years With the Fighting Ladies - Navy Ships Yes
20 Win64 To the Moon and Back by Simulator - Apollo Mission Simulator Yes
16 Win63 Tony LeVier - Fly's Experimental Aircraft Yes
19 s2-60 Touch Tuning - A New Concept of Communication in Jets Yes
18 Win62 Tough Transmitters - 25 year of service in Bolivia Yes
2 Win59 Tracking of Army Space Probe Yes
30 Sum61 Tracking Station at Richardson Texas to be Modified No
31 Fal61 Trademark No
3 Win57 Traffic Engineering For Our Airways Yes
12 Win55 Training Speeds Engineer Effectiveness Yes
2 Spr58 Trans World Airlines - Order for $700,000 No
30 Spr62 Trans-Canada Uses Vickers Vanguard Aircraft Yes
20 Win58 Transhorizon Air Transportable Terminal Yes
18 Win58 Transhorizon Ground Transportable Terminal Yes
31 Sum57 Transhorizon Awaits Loading for Demo in Venezuela Yes
18 Spr58 Transhorizon Communication - Automatic bandwidth control Yes
4 Win56 Transhorizon Communication - I Introduction Yes
6 Win56 Transhorizon Communication - II Research & Development Yes
9 Win56 Transhorizon Communication - III Theory Yes
15 Win56 Transhorizon Communication - IV Application Yes
18 Win56 Transhorizon Communication - V Equipment Yes
23 Win58 Transhorizon Van Yes
2 Spr58 Transistorized Airborne Doppler - Under development No
21 Sum56 Transistorized Remote Yes
17 s3-60 Transportable SSB System - $21-Million Marine order No
31 Win61 TRC-80 Loaded on Air Freighter Yes
10 Win55 Tribune Convair Equipped By Collins - Buys every type of avionics Collins Produces Yes
25 Fal62 Trigger the Army's Big Gun - Pershing Missile Yes
2 Spr52 Truth Ship - Voice of America radio station Yes
19 Fal56 TV Studio To Transmit Microwave - TV links Yes
2 Spr66 TV System Approach Yes
23 Spr58 TV Testing Lab at Benton & Bowles Yes
15 Fal54 TWA Plans Use of 17L-4 No
18 s4-60 Two High-Speed Kineplex Furnished to GE Electric Boat Division No
— U —
2 Fal59 U.S. Air Force Looking at Using Cessna T-37 Aircraft for Training Yes
26 Sum63 U.S. Army Missile Command Yes
11 Fal63 U.S. Naval Observatory - The Nations Timekeeper Yes
14 Win64 U.S. Navy Amphibious Force - Vanguard in Peace Spearhead in War Yes
30 Sum61 U.S. Navy Ordered $640679 for Ground Support Equipment No
18 Win53 UAL's Convair Fleet - First to use VOR at UAL Yes
23 Win54 Ulf L. Johansson SAS - Visitors Yes
7 Fal66 Underground Nerve Center - Department of Public Safety in Texas Yes
18 Spr52 Unidad Prensa - Mexico equips emergency bus Yes
23 Win64 United Air Lines - Nom the World's Largest Airline Yes
23 Win54 United Airlines - Visitors Yes
16 Win55 United Million-Dollar Purchase an Airline High No
26 Sum62 Universal Radio Group Yes
29 S-F64 Universal Radio Group - Building Block Design Approach of SSB HF Radio Equipment Yes
28 Fal61 USAF Gen Samuel E. Anderson Comm Gear Yes
22 Spr55 Use of 51Z-1 37X-1 Grows No
27 Fal58 USMC Evaluating 18Z SSB Communication System Yes
— V —
11 Apr47 Vacuum Tube Laboratory Yes
24 Spr64 Value Analysis - Value Analysis/Engineering Yes
31 Spr62 Vanguard's Flight Deck Yes
30 Spr62 Vanguard's Radio Rack Yes
18 Fal59 VHF For Helicopters - A Free Hand for the Copter Pilot Yes
30 Sum67 VHF Via Satellite Yes
23 Win54 Visitors - Winter 1954 Yes
15 Fal53 Visitors at Cedar Rapids Plant - Air Defense Command - Fall 1953 Yes
29 Fal61 Visitors Shown Amateur Radio Station at AFCEA - Fall 1961 Yes
32 Spr67 Vital Link - Global Space Tracking Yes
8 Sum61 Voice From Space - Mercury Capsule Yes
9 Sum63 Voice of America - Truth in 36 languages Yes
2 Fal55 VOR Sales No
— W —
22 Apr61 W.W. Roodhouse Elected VP Administration No
16 Win55 W.H. Bigger Named General Sales Manager No
21 Sum69 Wardair Story - Wardair Canada LTD Yes
30 Sum57 WDSU-TV with dual Collins Studio-Transmitter Link Yes
15 Fal67 West Coast Revolutionary - Pacific Far East Line Yes
6 Spr66 West Point Yes
16 Win61 West Point of the Air Goes Supersonic Yes
12 Spr58 WFAA-TV Shows it LIVE Yes
2 Jan47 What is Behind Good Equipment? No
13 Jan47 What is Science? No
24 Sum62 White Fox - New Voice for NATO Yes
28 Sum56 Why This Rig is a Solid Investment Yes
27 s2-60 WKLK Back on the Air in Less Than 72 Hours Yes
3 Win68 Worldwide Weathermen - The Air Weather Service Yes
26 Sum56 WP-101 Installation - First in corporate Aircraft Yes
— X —
16 Fal62 X-15 Into Space Yes
2 Win59 X-15 Pilots Underwent Strenuous Centrifuge Tests Yes
2 Fal63 XVIII Airborne Corps Yes
transcribed by: G. Fabian