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Collins Farms
Collins Product Brochures, Index

Index of our collection of Product Brochures.
Click on 'Model' to view the content.
ModelFunctionDescriptionPrint Date
4A HF Transmitter 18-20 watt crystal-controlled amateur band transmitter 1/1935
6J Isolation Amplifier Broadcast studio impedance matching amplifier 5/1940
7R Monitor Amplifier Broadcast studio multi-use amplifier 1940s
12B Speech Rack Broadcast studio racked-mounted audio mixer/amplifier assembly 1937
12F Speech Input Assembly Rack-mounted: 272B, 265A, 116E, 62A,7H, 6B, 414A, and 409C units. 8/1936
12H Speech Console Broadcast studio audio mixing console with six mulit-impedance inputs. 1937
12X Portable Microphone Amp. Portable three-channel microphone amplifier for remote-to-studio use. 1937
12Y Remote Amplifier Portable microphone amplifier for remote-to-studio use. 1940
12Z Remote Audio Amplifier Portable three-input microphone amplifier for remote-to-studio use. 1939
16F HF Transmitter
18H HF Relay Transmittter
20B HF Transmitter 750-1,000 Watt HF Transmitter (500 kc - 20 mc) AM 11/1934
20E-8A Permeability Tuned Oscillator PTO and Linear Dial for amateur radio home builters 3/1949
20H Broadcast Transmitter 1 KW, AM Broadcast Transmitter (550 - 1,500 kc) 1938
20J HF Transmitter 1 KW, AM Broadcast Transmitter (550 - 1,500 kc) 1938
20K HF Transmitter
20T-1 HF Transmitter
237-A Unidirectional Antenna 10/1959
242F-5CL Ground-To-Air Transmitter 10/1959
30FX HF Transmitter 100 Watt CW, 40 Watt Phone, crystal-controlled, HF (1.5-15 mc), AM Transmitter 3/1935
30FXB HF Transmitter 100 Watt, crystal-controlled, HF (1.5-15 mc), AM Transmitter 5/1935
30FXC HF Transmitter 200 Watt, crystal-controlled, HF (1.5-30 mc), AM Transmitter 2/1937
30K-1 HF Transmitter 500 Watts CW, 375 Wwatts Phone, Amateur Band Transmitter 3/1949
32G HF Transmitter 40 Watt, HF (1.6 kc - 40 mc), AM or CW Transmitter, for commercial use. 1937
32V-1 HF Transmitter 150/120 Watt Amateur Band (80,40,20,15,11,10 meter) Transmitter 3/1949
32V-2 HF Transmitter 150/120 Watt Amateur Band (80,40,20,15,11,10 meter) Transmitter 8/1949
45A HF Transmitter 40 Watts Phone - 125 Watts CW, HF (1.5-30 mc) AM Transmitter 1935
51J-4 HF Receiver HF ( 540 kc to 30.5 mc) Reciever using PTO and Mechnical Filters 11/1960
51N-8 HS SSB Receiver 10/1959
51R-2 Navigation Receiver 280 Channel Airborne Navigation Receiver 6/1949
51S-1 HF Receiver
70E-8 Permeability Tuned Oscillator
75A HF Receiver
75A-1 HF Receiver
75A-3 HF Receiver
150C HF Transmitter
202A HF Transmitter 1 KW, HF (1.5 - 15 mc) AM or CW Transmitter, for broadcast of communications use. 1/1936
300BA HF Transmitter
300G HF Transmitter
331A Course Line Indicator
331C-4E BDHI
331C-4F BDHI
374C-1 TACAN
424B-1 TACAN
478R-2 Spectrum Analyzer
478V-1 UHF Converter Test Set
821A-1 HF Transmitter
AN/AM-967 UHF Power Amplifier
AN/APR-13 Radar Receiver Set
AN/ARA-37 UHF Homing Set
AN/ARC-2/2A HF Transmitter/Receiver
AN/ARC-38 HF Transeiver
AN/ARC-52 Airborne Comm
AN/ARN-14C Airborne Navigation Receiver
AN/ARR-41 LF/HF Receiver
AN/ARW-55 UHF Radio Control Set
AN/ARW-56 UHF Receiver
AN/ARW-59 UHF Receiver
AS-505/GR UHF Antenna
AT-197/GR UHF Antenna
AT-335 UHF Antenna
AN/FRR-33 HF Receiver Dual Diversity HF Receiver 1950s
AN/FRR-34 HF Receiver Triple Diversity HF Receiver 1950s
AN/FRT-22 HF Transmitter
AN/FRT-26 HF Transmitter
AN/FRW-2 UHF Transmiiter
AN/FRW-2 UHF FM Transmitter
AN/FRW-3 UHF FM Receiver
GRC-19 HF Transmitter
AN/GRC-27 UHF Comm
ID-416 Distance & Radio Mag Indicator
MD-129A Power Supply
OA-252/GR HF Comm RF Amplifier
R-278B/GR UHF Receiver
R-389/URR LF Receiver
R-390A/URR HF Receiver
R-392/URR HF Receiver
AN/TRC-32 Transportable UHF Comm Set
T-216/GR UHF Signal Generator
T-217A/GR UHF Transmiiter
T-276/UR HF Communications Transmitter
AN/URC-8 HF Communications
AN/VRC-24 UHF Transmiiter/Receiver
— Special Topic Brochures & Catalogs —
Amateur Equipment Amateur Equipment Including: 75A-3 Receiver, 32V-3 Transmitter, F250 & F455 Mechanical Filters & 353A-E Adapters. 1940s
200 Series HF Communication Transmitters Including: 201C,D,E,F - 202A,B,C - 250A,B,C Line(s) of Manual & Autotuned HF Transmitters 1940s
Speech Equipment Hi-Fi Speech Equipment Including: 12A,B,C, 7C, 6A, 60B,C,D, 116A,B,C and 265A Line(s) of Broadcast Studio Audio Equipment 5/1935
Collins Microphones Microphones Including: MM-1, MM-2, SM1, and SM-2 Microphones 2/1960
Collins Tubes Collins Electron Tubes Describing the electrical and physical characterises of Collins product-line tubes. 1930s