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Rockwell Pride, Company News Magazine

Numeric & A-Z Index of every Rockwell Pride Issue.
Click on 'Page' or 'Issue' to read the article.
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Page Issue Equipment/Event Content Photo
— 1-9 —
2 Fal78 55-cent Dividend No
2 Spr78 55-cent Quarterly Dividend No
— A —
12 Fal78 A Swarm of Activity - Art Waxler, Bee Keeper Yes
11 Fal78 A Tower of Preservation - N. J. (Bud) Goldstone, Preserves "Watts Towers" Yes
14 Fal78 A Year of Achievement - Allan Jones, Completes Fitter's Apprenticeship Yes
2 Sum78 Admiral Introduces Design II Refrigerators No
2 Sum78 Admiral Unveils 1979 TV No
2 Spr85 Allen-Bradley Joins Rockwell No
11 Fal78 An "A" for Attendance - Maggie Hardin, 12 years Yes
13 Fal78 An Ace Photographer - Ace Mulliner Yes
3 Win80 And Yet Another - Autopilot for 757 Boeing and 767 No
14 Spr78 Armen Sivaslian: Two-car Aircraft factory Yes
15 Sum78 Automotive Suppliers Must Innovate - Robert Anderson Yes
— B —
2 Spr85 B-1B Program rated High 0 By Air Force No
2 Spr78 Beal and Rockwell elected to Rockwell Board of Directors Yes
14 Sum78 Beat the Traffic - Drive on Warter - Bob Hammond - Amphibicar Yes
2 Sum78 Board of Directors Declare a 55-cent Quarterly Dividend No
2 Sum78 Bob Hoover Adds to Accomplishments No
8 Spr78 Bob Hoover: Number One in the Air Yes
9 Spr78 Bob Hoover: Number One in the Air (cont) Yes
7 Spr78 Bob McKechnie: Enlivening Young Lives Yes
11 Sum78 Building a Family Tradition: Chary Weymouth Yes
7 Fal78 Building His Own Air Fleet - Lothar Hartmann, Model Airplanes Yes
16 Win80 Byron Soloomonides - NMS's New President Yes
— C —
14 Fal78 Cars from "A" to "T" - Bob Murphy, Rebuilds Model A's etc. Yes
2 Fal78 Cedar Rapids to Get a New $8.4M Engineering Building No
2 Spr85 China to Build Goss Presses No
16 Spr78 Company Has Encounter of the Best Kind - Rockwell Logo in a Movie Yes
2 Sum78 Company Reports 20 Percent Increase in Earnings No
2 Fal78 Company Reports a 42% Increase in Earnings No
2 Spr85 Company Wins NASA Contracts - For Space Station No
3 Win80 Consumption Down, Cost Up - Energy No
14 Spr78 Corbet Ready: A Prop-er Gift Yes
1 Spr78 Cover - Bob Hoover: The Pilot's Pilot Yes
1 Spr85 Cover - Bruce Gray, Water Meter Engineer Yes
1 Sum78 Cover - Don Edwards Yes
1 Fal78 Cover - J. D. Franklin Yes
— D —
9 Spr85 Dedicated To Excellence - Rockwell Collins France Yes
11 Spr78 Dennis Jones: He Has a Customs-Made Office Yes
3 Win80 Dividend Announced - 65-cent No
2 Spr85 Dividend Increased to 28-cent No
9 Sum78 Don Edwards: Strictly a Big-Leaguer Yes
0 Win80 Dunns: Thinking and Acting As A Family Yes
— E —
11 Spr78 Earline Tilman: Fast Draw with a Pen Yes
2 Fal78 Energy System Group Completes $9.7M Gasification Project No
0 Sum78 Engineering Her Way to Prominence - Flo Cain Yes
10 Spr85 Engineering Program is 10-Years-Old - Engineer of the Year Award. Yes
— F —
16 Win80 F. D. (Red) Kiser - Autonetics Strategic Systems Representative Yes
10 Fal78 Finding the Flaws Flawlessly - Vivian Walker - Automotive Parts Inspector Yes
10 Sum78 Fire in the Boiler House - Preston England Printing Press Yes
14 Sum78 First Time Flyer - Bert Keleher Yes
14 Spr78 Floating to Victory: Christmas float for parade Yes
6 Sum78 Flying Club Alumna Flying High - Rockwell Flying Club Yes
12 Win80 Focus Yes
0 Win80 Four Couples Sharing Success - Two Career Marriages Yes
2 Spr85 Fourth Shuttle Rolls Out - Atlantis No
— G —
12 Spr78 Gary King: Proving the Handicapped Are Not Handicaps Yes
16 Win80 George Ferri - NMA's Member of the Year Yes
2 Sum78 George Jeffs Elected a Member of National Academy of Engineering No
12 Spr78 George Louvris: Winning the Paper Wars No
14 Spr78 Gerald Williamson: Shooting for the Moon Yes
0 Fal78 Getting Involved - Cathy Warnor start a Community Service Career Yes
10 Spr78 Getting to the Core of the Matter - Washington Drilling Site. Yes
13 Win80 Ginny Ahimeyer - Human Resource Yes
16 Sum78 Glad He Grows Glads - Alex Croteau, grows Gladiolus Yes
2 Fal78 Graphic System Division Receives Largest Order Ever at $24M No
— H —
6 Spr78 Hal Wondering: He's an Architect Engineer (and Paperhanger) Yes
3 Spr78 Having a Ball with Gyroscopes Yes
0 Fal78 He Has "Africa" Sickness - Paolo Emilio Pecora Needed in Negotiations Yes
14 Sum78 He Names Those Tunes - Willy Hyman, Music Collector Yes
12 Fal78 He's A Winner - Jean Claude Welsh, competes With Artificial Leg. Yes
— I —
15 Sum78 In Our Opinion Yes
15 Fal78 In Our Opinion Yes
2 Win80 In Our Opinion - Message from Robert Anderson and Donald R. Beall Yes
11 Sum78 It's a Supreme Adventure - Ed Lachnar Scuba Diver Yes
— J —
— K —
13 Sum78 Keeping the Press Rolling - Ed Nielsen, Graphics System Division Yes
— L —
3 Win80 Largest Pact Ever - For Boeing 757 Structural Sections No
2 Sum78 Last P-51 retired No
0 Sum78 Letting Us See the Future - Jack Reinhardt Graphic Designer Yes
2 Sum78 Los Angeles Do. Unveils Supersonic Aircraft Yes
7 Spr78 Lots of Color - Rockwell Directory No
14 Win80 Lou Valenti - Distribution Specialist Yes
— M —
5 Spr78 Mario Menard: Our Man in Quebec Yes
15 Spr78 Martin D. :Skip: Walker: Productivity: Government Can Help Yes
3 Win80 Matching Gifts - To Colleges and Universities No
8 Fal78 Meet the mayor: J. D. Franklin - Sulphur Springs Texas Yes
9 Fal78 Meet the mayor: J. D. Franklin - Sulphur Springs Texas (Cont) Yes
3 Win80 Minority Firms Gain - $44M Orders No
— N —
3 Win80 NAVSTAR/Rockwell Enter Phase II - $86M Contract No
3 Win80 New Automated Plant - Micro Chips in El Paso No
2 Spr85 New GPS Contract Received in CR Gov Avionics with $434M Potential No
5 Fal78 Nice Guys Finish First - Bernie Last, Water Meter Engineer Yes
12 Sum78 No Room for Rust or Dust - Andy Strouth, Nr, Clean Yes
— O —
0 Spr78 Odessa Williams: She Wires People in. Yes
13 Sum78 One of a Kind Job - Camille Burgess, sell Rockwell logoed items Yes
— P —
12 Win80 P. O. (Po) Harwell Yes
7 Spr78 Pat Cunningham: She May Have Your Number Yes
15 Win80 Peggy Timmons - Occupational Health Nurse Yes
7 Win80 Pehrsons: Seven Decades of Service Yes
2 Fal78 Production Of Rockwell Commander 700 Underway Yes
12 Sum78 Proving His Metal - Tseng-Mun-Wang, Metallurgical Engineer Yes
— Q —
— R —
13 Fal78 Radio's Golden Age Not Forgotten - Marty Halperin, Sound Engineer Yes
7 Fal78 Recalling the "Old Days" - Armanda Canton, Direct Export Order Admin. Yes
2 Spr78 Rockwell dept gets higher ratings No
2 Spr78 Rockwell financial report translated into 5 languages No
2 Spr78 Rockwell Pride published 4 times a year. No
2 Spr85 Rockwell Pride Published four Times a Year No
2 Win80 Rockwell Pride Published four Times a Year' No
2 Sum78 Rockwell Pride Published four Times a Year' No
2 Fal78 Rockwell Pride Published four Times a Year' No
2 Sum78 Rockwell Ranks 32nd On Fortune Magazine 500 No
— S —
3 Win80 Safety Counts - Impressive 1979 Safety Record No
2 Spr85 Sales, Earnings Are Up No
5 Win80 Schoonovers: On the "Up" Side Of Life Yes
6 Win80 Schwandts: Intertwining Company and Family Roots Yes
10 Fal78 She Gets the Information - Ruth Gunning, Runs Corporate Business Research Center Yes
5 Sum78 She Started With Czechoslovakia - Nancy Duncan Yes
12 Fal78 She'd on Key - Linda Viers, Likes to Sing Yes
5 Fal78 She's Rich with Culture - Christianne Urbaniak, Gotten Through Travel Yes
3 Win80 South Carolina Addition - to Manufacture Truck Axles No
2 Spr78 Space Station provides busy and important year No
8 Sum78 Spotlight Yes
9 Sum78 Spotlight (Cont) Yes
2 Spr85 Stafford Joins Board - John R. Stafford No
0 Spr78 Stan Keel: Earning the Gold and Silver Yes
5 Sum78 Still Closing the Gap - Parts Shipments Yes
— T —
2 Spr78 Telecomm group provides PBS equipment No
14 Fal78 Tennis Anyone? Si! - Antonio Rico & Juan Manual, Tennis Champs Yes
2 Spr78 The Company reports 37% increase in earnings No
6 Fal78 The Foundling Father - Alex Fiore, Co-Found the City of Thousand Oaks Yes
16 Fal78 The High Wheelers - Ashley Molk, Marqueen (Mark) Taylor & Richard Taylor, Ride High Wheel Bicycles Yes
15 Fal78 The Shuttle. It Will Have Many Benefits - W. F. Rockwell, Jr. Yes
6 Spr78 There's No Body in these Vaults - Burial vaults Yes
7 Sum78 They Are Simply Amazing - Deaf People Yes
3 Sum78 They Fly Mercy Missions - Helicopter Pilots Yes
2 Spr78 This is the second issue of Pride No
11 Win80 Three Who Lead the Way to Alternate Energy Sources - (Cont) Yes
10 Win80 Three Who Lead the Way to Alternate Energy Sources - Joe Ashworth. Dr. Charlie Trilling, and Art Kohl. Yes
2 Fal78 Tool Group Introduces New Sander/Grinder Yes
9 Win80 Tradition Shapes Life and Work At Beebe River, N. H. - (Cont) Yes
8 Win80 Tradition Shapes Life and Work At Beebe River, N. H. - Walter Joyce Yes
— U —
3 Win80 Update No
1 Spr78 Update Yes
2 Spr85 Update Yes
2 Fal78 Update Yes
— V —
— W —
2 Fal78 W. F. Rockwell to Retire No
2 Sum78 W. F. Rockwell, Jr. Receives Honorary Doctor of Engineering Yes
3 Fal78 Waging the Recruiting War - A Bust Time for Al Bormann Yes
13 Spr78 Wayne Johnson: He Remembers the "Death Railway" Yes
— X —
— Y —
— Z —
transcribed and indexed by: Gordon Fabian