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Collins Personnel Services, Company Newsletter

Numeric & A-Z Index of every Collins Personnel Services Issue.
Click on 'Page' or 'Issue' to read the article.
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Page Issue Equipment/Event Content Photo
1 v1-n18 1,000th AN/ARN-118 Tacan System - Completed Yes
— 1-9 —
2 v1-n11 26-4 Record by Collins Power Volleyball Team No
2 v1-n11 2nd Annual Mixed Doubles Collins Tennis Tournament Planned May 1-2 No
1 v1-n14 30 degrees Celsius Is Warm - Bldg 137 Thermometer Yes
3 v1-n18 60 Years of Service In One Department - Bette Soukup, Lillian Klohs & Alice Whitlock Yes
4 v1-n16 77% of Employees Now Buying Bonds No
— A —
2 v1-n3 Admiral Discounts Now Available to all Rockwell Employees No
4 v1-n16 Affirmative Action and You No
1 v2-n2 After 25 Years Yes
1 v1-n15 Alert Collins Guard Aids Choking Victim Yes
4 v1-n16 Amateur Radio Club Being Organized No
3 v1-n12 Annual Opening - Medical Insurance No
3 v1-n16 Are You Registered to Volt? No
1 v2-n2 Assistance on Tax Questions Available Yes
3 v1-n18 Avoid Collins Name On Home Addressed Mail No
2 v2-n2 Awards For Bowling Activities Yes
— B —
3 v1-n16 Barbara Miller Completes Certified Professional Secretary Requirements Yes
1 v1-n6 Basketball No
7 v1-n14 Bicentennial 1776-1976 Yes
3 v1-n15 Bob Murphy's Hobby Yes
1 v1-n6 Bowling No
2 v2-n2 Bowling Champions Yes
2 v1-n6 Bridge No
2 v1-n1 Bridge Club No
— C —
2 v1-n5 Cedar Rapids Day Care Centers No
3 v1-n13 Cedar Rapids Group To Host Rockwell Flying Clubs No
1 v1-n6 Cedar Rapids Symphony Concert to be Previewed No
2 v1-n3 Cedar Rapids Symphony Conductor to Speak No
2 v1-n16 Challenged by Jacobs 288 Mumma Bowls 289 Game Yes
2 v1-n6 Chess No
2 v1-n1 Chess Club No
2 v1-n11 Chess Club Tournament No
1 v1-n10 Collins Cagers 10 - 0 in Thursday Section of Industrial League No
2 v1-n10 Collins Employee Receive Service Awards Yes
1 v1-n4 Collins Employees Complete Course in Emergency Lifesaving Technique Yes
2 v1-n14 Collins Employees Receive Service Awards Yes
4 v1-n15 Collins Employees Softball Leagues Yes
1 v1-n3 Collins Gun Club - Finishes Third No
1 v1-n3 Collins Honored by US Treasury Department No
1 v1-n6 Collins Personal Services No
2 v1-n5 Collins Personnel Services No
1 v1-n1 Collins Requests Council Consider Traffic Change to 35th Street No
2 v1-n3 Collins Sponsors Explorer Scout Post No
2 v1-n15 Collins Team In State Softball Tournament No
1 v1-n3 Collins Team Wins - Volley Ball No
1 v1-n18 Collins Terams for City No
2 v1-n7 Collins Volleyball Team Finishes 3rd in Tournament No
8 v1-n14 Collins Whips Welty No
2 v1-n13 Collins Wins Lowden Tourney - Men's Softball No
1 v1-EX1 Collins Wins State Title - Men's Softball No
2 v1-n5 Conserve Energy No
1 v1-n14 CRTA Announces Schedule No
2 v1-n16 CRTA Membership Drive Continues No
— D —
1 v1-n6 Did You Know That - $2M in Medical care No
2 v1-n5 Did You Know That - $7M in Medical care No
3 v2-n2 Duplicate Bridge Club Meetings No
— E —
2 v1-n11 Employees Donate to Cancer Fund in Honor of Co-Worker No
4 v1-n15 Employees Golf Tournament Planned No
3 v1-n18 Explorer Posts Needs Advisors No
2 v1-n7 Express Bus Service TO Be Discontinued - Not Enough Riders No
— F —
1 v1-n7 February 21 - Credit Union Meeting No
2 v1-n11 Fire Detectors - Questions? No
2 v1-n7 Fire Detectors Prove Effective No
1 v1-n7 Five Fab Departments Cited for Records of 1,000 Days or More Without Lost Time Accident No
2 v1-n1 For News Contributions Contact: Steve Evanina No
2 v1-n3 For News Contributions Contact: Steve Evanina No
— G —
1 v1-n6 Ginther's Admiral Discount - 10% No
1 v1-n16 Give to Collins Employees United Fund No
2 v1-n16 Give to Collins Employees United Fund (Cont) No
2 v1-n11 Golf League Openings - Hook and Slice No
— H —
— I —
1 v1-n10 IEEE Forms Joint Professional Group No
3 v2-n2 Industrial League Basketball Has 9-1 Record No
2 v1-n7 Interested in Women's Golf or Daytime Softball Teams? No
— J —
2 v1-n15 Jo Ann Dunlop In Softball Hall OF Fame Yes
2 v1-n18 Jumper Cables Available to Help Start Cars No
2 v1-n15 Junior Achievement Sponsors Needed No
— K —
4 v1-n15 Keep Insurance Records Up No
— L —
1 v1-n13 Litter - Bldgs 105-110 Yes
4 v2-n2 Long-Time Plant Safety Committee Member Honored - Toby Arnold Yes
— M —
8 v1-n14 Major Open Sponsors Honored - Yes
2 v1-n5 More Discounts for Rockwell Employees - Jana Electric No
3 v1-n13 Murphy, Birgerson Cited by A.B.W.A. - Boss of the Year Yes
— N —
4 v1-n18 New Cafeteria - 35th St. Yes
2 v1-n1 New Hours for Employees Sales No
2 v1-n1 New Hours for Inventory Disposal Store No
2 v1-n7 New Recreation Programs - New Volleyball League No
3 v1-n18 Noon Hour Skating - At Superskate No
2 v1-n12 Noon Hour Skating Group Planned No
2 v1-n5 Norm Henke Honored - Outstanding Engineer of the year Yes
— O —
1 v1-n16 October Is Month For United Fund Drive at Collins No
— P —
2 v1-n13 Persistence Pays Off IN Quests for Degrees - Maurie Mower & Bill Geers Yes
3 v1-n12 Personnel Functions - Telephone Listing No
3 v2-n2 Power Volleyball Team Winner in Two Tournaments No
— Q —
1 v1-n1 Quality Control Conference to Convene No
— R —
3 v1-n15 Radio Operator Exams Scheduled No
1 v1-n6 Recreation Directory - Sports No
2 v1-n6 Recreation Directory - Sports (Cont) No
2 v1-n13 Remaining Major Open Games for Collins Are: - Men's Softball No
1 v1-n12 Rockwell Yes
2 v1-n11 Rockwell Digital Watches Available No
3 v2-n2 Rockwell Employees in Barbershop Harmony Show No
1 v1-n18 Rockwell Faucets on Sale to Employees No
1 v1-n18 Rockwell Faucets On Sale to Employees No
1 v1-n7 Rockwell Flying Club Plans Dinner Meeting, Tour of FAA Control Tower No
2 v1-n18 Rockwell-Sponsored JA Companies Begin Activities Yes
— S —
8 v1-n14 Savings Bond Drive Nearing Completion No
2 v1-n12 Savings Bond Drive Scheduled July 12-16 Yes
3 v1-n18 Say Thanks With A Gift That Grows - Savings Bond Ad Yes
1 v2-n2 Schedule Announced for Radio Operators Exams No
2 v1-n11 Secretary Cited in Office Education Competition No
4 v1-n12 Shoot The Works With U.S. Savings Bonds - Advertisement Yes
2 v1-n11 Six Teams Participate in Collins Basketball Tourney No
2 v1-n6 Softball No
1 v1-n10 Special Lawn and Garden Tool Sale No
3 v1-n13 Special Sale of Fire Detector Units Planned No
2 v1-n5 Special Sale to Employees of Home Fire Warning Devices Planned No
2 v1-n7 Special Valentines Sale - Admiral Products No
2 v1-n6 Sports Schedule No
6 v1-n10 Symphony Preview - Cedar Rapids No
— T —
2 v1-n6 Table Tennis No
4 v2-n2 Take Stock in America - Savings Bond Ad. Yes
4 v1-n13 Take Stock in America. 200 years at the same location - Savings Bond Ad. Yes
1 v1-n7 Tax Assistance Offered to Employees No
2 v1-n12 Teams of Brock-Jones Petersen-Fox Winners of Tennis Tournament No
2 v1-n6 Tennis No
1 v1-n4 Thanks TO You It Worked - United Fund No
3 v1-n18 Thanksgiving Holiday No
1 v1-n1 The Rockwell Flying Club is Off the Ground No
2 v1-n5 The YMCA's New Big Brother Program Needs You No
6 v1-n10 Three Employees Demonstrate Value of Safety Glasses Yes
1 v1-n11 Tornado Season Is Here - Know what To Do No
— U —
3 v1-n15 United Fund Drive Scheduled No
— V —
2 v1-n6 Volleyball No
— W —
3 v1-n16 Wanted: Bridge Players No
1 v1-n10 Women's Golf League No
— X —
— Y —
4 v1-n16 YMCA Needs Volunteers For Peer Group Program - Girls Program No
— Z —
transcribed and indexed by: Gordon Fabian