Collins Aerospace Museum

233D Transmitter Restoration Project

Jules’ work on the Autotune shaft appears to have made the exciter assembly work much better. After some adjustments of the dial pulse controls, channel selection appears to be working as required except for one “runaway” condition on channel “9”.

Mike will add test leads to allow us to make more precise adjustments of the dial pulse levels and we need to develop a procedure for making the adjustments. The procedure in the documentation does not appear to result in good operation.

Jules brought in calipers and made some precise measurements to support building the Autotune shafts/assemblies.

The carrier control relay does appear to be working when the test key is operated. Next step will be to determine if the relay is providing the proper screen voltage to the 837 oscillator and the 807 multiplier stage.

Hopefully, we can have a large group show up next week to watch the Autotune system work and offer suggestions related to making things work. I expect the 17th will be the last day we work until after the Christmas break.