Collins Aerospace Museum

May-13 ···
233D Transmitter Restoration Project

Rod brought in a NIB 872A and an unknown one from Al Groff and some red and some white high voltage cable.

The electrician came by and had the 3-phase work order. The input breaker on the transmitter power panel has a 50 AMP breaker, so he will change the 80 AMP breaker in the distribution panel and provide wire and connectors capable of 60 AMPs.

Rod says Jim Stitzinger has found 4 of the .002 10KV caps we need and will bring them to Dayton.

β€œIT” skids are still in the room. I am leaving the glass doors unlocked.

I moved all of the sorted parts from the chrome chassis tear-down and put them in our cabinet along with all the tubes.

Attached is a shot of the WW resistors that need replaced on the HV bleeder board. The 80W parts are approximately 5.5” in. long and 0.5” in. diameter and the the Volt Meter multiplier resistor is approximately 4 in. long.

Left, Series-wired bleeder resistor board.