Collins Aerospace Museum

233D Transmitter Restoration Project


They Look Brand New!

Received the chassis yesterday from Quality Plating. Attached are a couple of images showing how they look. I reassembled the modulator tube deck as shown in one of the images. I’ll fire up the filaments next week; should really look nice with the nice chrome.

I moved two of the 8040 couplers to the back room and moved the three-bay StarShip rack around to the north wall.

Larry tried some available coax but it was not long enough to reach into the area.

Will start on the HV rectifier chassis next week. Have other projects set for late next week, but should be able to spend quite a lot of time on the project the following week. August 4 is the Cedar Rapids Hamfest, so will be looking for parts there. Dale, wa9ena, has found a pair of resistors that should work well for the audio power supply bleeder, but we are still missing several wirewounds in the HV bleeder network.

The warm glow of the tube filaments will make a nice photo...