Collins Aerospace Museum

233D Transmitter Restoration Project

The one on the left is the modulation transformer the biggy on the right is the three-phase high-voltage plate transformer.
Bill Carns of the Collins Collectors Association has provided some great help with regard to paint and clean up on the project. He also says that the CCA will likely be able to help with a small amount of funding to help cover some of the costs.

Removed the heat damaged power resistor bleeder network from the power bay. One of the 100K resistors is open and two others on the board appear to be bad. I’ll add those to the need list. I may have some of them, but we may have to appeal for help for others.

Removed the Autotune motor from the RF bay. Turns free and there is just some paint peel on the end caps. Jules says Don Grimm is ready to start on the replacement shaft as soon as he gets good drawings. No luck so far, so we will likely have to reassemble the RF Deck and create drawings for him.

Interconnection between the bays is still a little vague. Thought I had it figured out, but noticed this morning that one of the cables from RF Bay doesn’t appear to go to where I thought it should. Could use some help with that one.

I was concerned this morning because I thought the big transformer on the skid was the plate transformer and the other one was the modulation transformer, but it looks as though the big gray one is likely the mod transformer and the plate transformer is in the big black box on the skid. I’ll take something in to cut the strapping next week to get a get a better look at the transformers.

Next week, I’m planning to get the Modulator tube chassis and the HV rectifier chassis torn down and ready for chrome re-plate. Haven’t made contact with any plating vendors, but the shop that Lawrence used in Sterling, Il has prices for some automotive parts, so it looks as though the chassis will likely around $125 each to re-plate. Those two chassis are visible through the door glass and will be illuminated by the tubes, so it is fairly important we do a good job on them. They are also the worse with regard to pitting. The other chrome plated chassis are not nearly so bad and I expect they will clean up acceptably with a little work.

Would like to have another lunch get together next Wednesday, March 13 to discuss the project. Please invite anyone who might be interested.