Collins Aerospace Museum

233D Transmitter Restoration Project

Put the bias supply in the rack and everything seems to be working including the bias interlock relay, but still no joy on making the power control LV/Plate volt relay actuate. Bad connection or another interlock still not satisfied. So everything has been reinstalled except the mod transformer and the exciter. Rod: we’re still have quite a lot of work to do before we need the exciter.

Good news is that I plugged in the Autotune motor and it runs very well and reverses when I manually actually the reversing relay. I think it might even be turning the correct way so we might have the 3 phase hook up done properly. Only problem is that it runs constantly after the power comes up. That doesn’t seem correct, but I suppose anything’s possible. Think I’ll pitch that over the fence and let the Autotune gurus handle it.

Next week, I’m going to work on the tone control assembly to see if we are getting dial tone signals through and keep working on the power control sequencing. I’ll probably get started on the HV bleeder and start pulling in new high voltage cable in the Mod bay.