Collins Aerospace Museum

233D Transmitter Restoration Project

Back to work...
Larry got the big plate transformer back in the case and has found a good price on some high voltage cable to connect up with the HV rectifier in the power bay. He is also planning to get the wire for the 3-phase circuits and relay control from the power contactor to the power bay as well as the required flexible conduit and fittings. Mike is finishing the cable lacing in the power contactor so we can mount it on Larry’s beautiful power cart.

Glass has been installed in the cabinet doors, but we need some glazing work to help secure the glass in the mounting strips. The glass is secured with clear cello tape so it should be fairly secure, but the doors should be closed carefully.

I’ve attached a spreadsheet with general comments on tasks that need work. If anyone knows of volunteers who would interested taking on some of tasks, let me know and I will provide the information that I have.

Now that my badge is “fixed” I plan to work on the project at least three days a week and maybe some evenings/weekends if anyone wants to join us.