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233D Transmitter Restoration Project

Here is what Lawrence, and other eBay bidders, saw when the unit was offered for sale.
Back in January, our little project was spotted by Rockwell Collins Engineer, David Cripe (NMØS)- for sale on eBay!

"This COLLINS 233D transmitter was installed in 1950 by Western Airlines in Sacramento, CA. It was communicating with their planes, mostly going to Chicago..." caught his attention and he thought, "This would be a GREAT addition to the company Museum."

This opportunity was forwarded to Museum Curator, Lawrence Robinson, and after a successful bid, with a little help from Brian Thompson (NI6Q), the previous owner, he/we became the owners of a very large artifact California.
Jim Stitzinger (on the left) is a noted Collins collector. He arranged to have the transmitter picked up and transferred to his warehouse in Southern California before shipment to Cedar Rapids. On the right is Brian, the previous owner.