Collins Aerospace Museum

233D Transmitter Restoration Project

Larry got the power contactor moved on the power cart, so we can now get the cables routed and the covers installed. Really looks great! He’s going to reinstall the strain relief bracket on the contactor chassis so we can finish the interconnect.

Kelly brought in the digitized files for the documentation. I’ll burn some discs and bring them in next week, so anyone can have access to all the material.

The new HV bleeder/meter multiplier is installed and the HV filter components are mounted in the bottom of the power bay.

Larry is working on getting coax cable from overhead to the roof. We are assuming we will be able to “re-purpose” some of the existing cable to connect to the transmitter. We need to talk about how we will connect from the top of the RF bay ceramic insulators to the coax and how to connect to a suitable dummy load. Larry thinks he has a heavy duty base that will work for a 40 meter vertical. He thinks he can find a suitable mounting location on the roof and will work with maintenance to make sure we have an acceptable installation.