Collins Aerospace Museum

233D Transmitter Restoration Project

We’re Getting There...
Larry and Mike have nearly completed all of the cabling between the power cart and the power bay. Only thing left is putting the terminals on the eight wires that supply three-phase and the control lines. They have both put in quite a lot time and contributed quite a supply of parts to make the system safe and attractive. We’ll get some pictures next week to show their fine work.

Rod brought in the exciter before his extensive travel and we will start testing as soon as those last connections are made.

All of the high voltage wiring has been installed except for plate leads on the modulator tubes and modulator plate current meter.

Jules says he thinks the exciter Autotunes have safeties that prevent problems, if the Autotune motor does not respond to commands, so we can apply three-phase and start checking out the exciter. The intermediate supply that provides power the 813 plates is connected and we will start testing with only that power connected. (4KV line from the power bay filter network is on a separate ring lug, but the bleeder/voltmeter network will be connected so we can check out the supply).

I’ve added Jeff Howington to the addressee list. He has brought quite a large number of visitors to the museum and the transmitter project and expects to help as soon as his work load slows down.

I expect to have power back up next Wednesday so we can really start testing. At this stage, we need lots of suggestions to help clear up some of the “mysteries” that still remain. I hope that having the exciter in place will provide some real clues, but we do have some problems with commands from the tone control chassis to the Telco relay system. There are some changes to the exciter wiring that we don’t understand yet. Rod has documented those changes, so we should be able to solve that “mystery”.

Kelly Minton got all the Western Airlines drawings digitized and a CD is available for anyone who like to review that material. Jules also has a copy of the CD and I’ll be happy to burn more if anyone is interested. I’m looking for ways to store all of the images and documents on a public drive to make everything we’ve done accessible. Any suggestions appreciated.

Let’s shoot for August 13 to have a demo for anyone interested. All depends on how well things go next week!