Collins Aerospace Museum

233D Transmitter Restoration Project

Power control assembly seems to be working properly. The Aux contacts on the big overload relays in the contactors need to be wired to make the plate and low voltage relays work. Jumpered contacts 7K and 8K (on Term Strip K) and then had to jumper the contacts on the plate overload relay on the PA filament supply chassis. The “trip coil” on the overload relay comes off the CT on the PA filament transformer, so I assume the trip point is when excessive current is drawn by the 450TLs. The interlock contacts are not closing in “normal” operation, so I assume either the contacts need bending or the coil voltage is not present or sufficient or the relay is bad.

Intended to start tracing dial pulse signals in the tone control chassis, but my old TEK 465 appears to have died. Good old scope, sorry to see it go. Have several others, so not a big deal, but always liked working with the 465/475 series TEKs. Think I have an old 500 series Rack mount that may still work. Might bring it in and keep it in the rack, but probably will bring in a newer one.

May have to leave at noon tomorrow, but intend to be there in the morning for an hour or so.