Collins Aerospace Museum

233D Transmitter Restoration Project

Mike got the power contactor wiring sorted out and it should be back as shown on the schematic. As soon as we get the cable lacing back in the underside of the chassis, we will put the back plate on and get it ready to put on Larry’s power cart, after he gets the plate transformer back in the case. The secondary contacts on the big tune mode relay are not making contact, but that may partially because we have the assembly on its back. We expect mounting it vertically will help with contact closure on all the relay arms but we will need to clean the contacts.

Next step will be to get the power control chassis in the power supply bay connected and make sure all the sequencing is proper. More relay contacts to clean.
There was enough lacing cord on the power contactor harness to make it appear that the lacing had been done after the single phase wiring changes had been made. So it’s possible that Western didn’t use 3-phase power. That would also mean that the autotune motor would not have been used. So it’s possible that they manually tuned the transmitter and didn’t change frequencies much.

I’ll be out of town next Tuesday and Wednesday, but will likely come in at least one other day.