Collins Aerospace Museum

233D Transmitter Restoration Project

One large circuit breaker, two high-current contactors, a couple of lower-current contactors, and a mysterious tubular - lighting bleed resistor?.
Rod and Jules were both tied up with Fifi projects and I had several other distractions, so not a lot got done last week.

Bill Carns from the Collin Collectors Association was in all week and he had some helpful suggestions on the project. He also said he thought the Collins Collectors Association board would approve making a small donation to the project. Not $5,000, but something.

I have contacted a couple of body shop specialists who are willing to come in to offer guidance on repairing the damage to the cabinet rail. They are willing to donate their time to the project. We think we can fabricate some tools to reform the rails. There may be some materials costs, but it should be under $25. The end panel may require being sent out for repair. We can operate the transmitter without the end panel installed, so it can wait until later.

We need to get a vac in to clean up the loose dirt in the cabinets and it appears there is some rodent residue so we need to be somewhat careful disposing of the material.

The task list continues to grow. I will try to clean it up and share it next week. Have a few more maybes on the volunteer list, but so far none are showing up. I’ll do a big push for next week.