Collins Aerospace Museum

233D Transmitter Restoration Project

Most of the assembly work is done on the high voltage rectifier chassis, so just had to plug in the tubes to see how it looks.

All of the high voltage cabling looks pretty good except for two cracks on wires at two of the plate caps. I’ll use Qdope to fix the cracks, but won’t replace any of the other wiring except the four wires that go to the plate transformer and the output networks.

Mike Hynek has apparently solved the “mystery” with regard to the wiring differences on the power contactor assembly. He has found splices and doubled wires, so it is possible that someone attempted to operate the system on single phase power. He is going to do a reverse engineering drawing so we can determine whether to return it to the circuit shown or the drawings or use as it.

After getting those problems cleared, we can start checking out the power control chassis in the power bay and get on with checking out the interconnecting wire harnesses.

Should be able to complete the HV rectifier chassis next week and then will start reassembly of the bias supply chassis.

Unlikely we’ll be on the air by October first has I had hoped, but we should be getting close.