Collins Aerospace Museum

233D Transmitter Restoration Project

Mike Hynek has finished tracing the 3-phase wiring in the power contactor and has found two of the lines appear to have spliced and moved. He is going to create a schematic to show as wired and we will use that for connecting to the transmitter. No clue for the reason for the change, but it may have been done very early.

Larry attached some wire to the coax run to the roof and the noise is not nearly as bad as expected. He thinks he can find support to put up an 80/75 meter dipole on the roof.

Larry is planning to cut the welds on the plate transformer so he can remove the case to allow repainting and additional cleaning. In addition to making the assembly look good, it will also allow us to look at the condition of the wiring. When the transformer is installed on Larry’s “power cart” along with the contactor assembly, it should look really good.