Collins Aerospace Museum

233D Transmitter Restoration Project

We got the PA tube sockets rotated and put the chassis in the rack and hooked up the plate leads.

Mike and I got the power contactor mounting plate holes enlarged enough to get the mounting screws installed. I installed the contactor assembly on the power cart; I assume it is correctly oriented. (The main breaker is on the opposite side of the mounting posts from the big transformer). The power contactor chassis sides are not very straight, so it takes some force to get inside the posts without the cover. So we’ll need to straighten the chassis or mill off a 1/16 or so from the posts. Some of the contactor mounting plate holes will need to be enlarged slightly to line up with the tapped holes in the square tubing used for the posts. But for now, everything is secure enough that we can go ahead with feeding power to the rack and getting the rack mounted control chassis and associated wiring checked out.

We’ll need to mount a junction box on the power bay rack and add the desired length of heavy rubber covered cable to connect the main 3-phase feed to the racks. We have the pendant cable from the contactor with a twistlock connector and the mating male, so all we need is to install the cable to the rack.

Next step will be to bring-up power to the power bay controller and verify all the control wires are correctly installed. First test will be turn on filaments to the Modulator and PA tubes via the control panel switch. May be more symbolic than significant, but should be fun to see the big tubes lit again!