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Collins Aerospace

Early History:
 by: Arlo Goodyear
 –The Collins Story
 by: Ben Stearns
 –Echo Hill Story
 by: Nancy Zook
 –The Iowan Magazine
 by: Ed Marriner
 –CQ Magazine

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Artifact Collection
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Communication, Transmitter32T Transmitter

Communication, TransmitterCU-32 Antenna Coupler

Communication, Transmitter150B Transmitter

Communication, TransmitterAN/ART-13 in B-29 Mock-up

Communication, TransmitterTCS-12, Transmitter Unit

Communication, Receiver51J-4 HF Receiver

Communication, ReceiverR-390A/URR HF Receiver

Communication, ReceiverHF-2050 & 851S-1 HF Receivers

Communication, ReceiverTCS-12, Receiver Unit

Communication, TransceiverAN/GRC-19 HF Vehicular Comm

Communication, Misc.Autotune® Phone Set

Amateur Radio, TransmitterKWS-1 HF Transmitter

Amateur Radio, Transmitter32S-1 Amateur Transmitter

Amateur Radio, Transmitter30L-1 Power Amplifier

Amateur Radio, Transmitter4A

Amateur Radio, TransceiverKWM-5000 Transceiver Prototype

GPS, Misc.GPS Antenna; First Signal