AN/GRC-19 HF Vehicular Comm – AN/GRC-19 Transmitter & Receiver
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front The AN/GRC-19 consisted of the T-195 Transmitter (derived from the AN/ART-13) and the R-392 Receiver (derived from the R-390). Collins built about 5,000 units and two other companies built 6,000 units each. Stu Morrison was the Project Engineer Fred Johnson was lead Mechanical Engineer Engineers on the T-195: Arlo Meyer - Mechanical Engineer Walter Zarris - Electronics Engineer Bob Craiglow - EE on crystal oscillators Dave Hodgin - EE on the PTO Elmer Swittic - EE on the antenna coupler Engineers on the R-392 were: Gene Senti - EE Everett Phillips - ME Technical Information: Tx: 1.5 - 20 MHz Rx: 0.5 - 30 MHz Output power: 100W CW & 60W AM Prime power: 28 Vdc @ 44 Amps (transmit) Weight: 254 lbs Application: Usually mounted on a shock-mount tray across the back of a Jeep for tactical battle-field communications.