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Early History:
 by: Arlo Goodyear
 –The Collins Story
 by: Ben Stearns
 –Echo Hill Story
 by: Nancy Zook
 –The Iowan Magazine
 by: Ed Marriner
 –CQ Magazine

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Collins Collectors Association
The CCA is an all volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation and operation of radio equipment built by the Collins Radio Co.

Collins Radio Association
What is the Collins Radio Association and what does it offer? It's simply a group of Collins enthusiasts who enjoy operating and discussing, what's possibly, the best amateur radio ever built!
This site was established to encourage hams, especially the newcomer, to share the enjoyment that comes from owning and operating Collins Radio Equipment.

The Hammond Museum
The Hammond Museum, located in Guelph, Ontario, has an impressive collection of early Collins radio products that is kept in operating condition for display and for occasional use.

W. W. Salisbury
Few Rockwell Collins Museum followers realize that our company was once involved in atomic research. This site offers a little history of Winfield Salisbury, the person who headed the department.

Radio Station Reconstruction on FIFI
Read all about the restored radio operator's station on the only flying B-29 bomber. Museum Club members and Amateur Radio Club members, both in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Richardson, Texas, contributed their expertise and time towards a fully-operational, historically-accurate, war time communications station.

Mogollon Rim Collins Collectors Club
MRCCC was founded in late 2001. The call sign KØCXX was obtained and brought into service in honor of Arthur Collins (WØCXX) and his company of great engineers and production folks.
Pronounced: moh-gah-ˈyawn

Arthur A. Collins Legacy Association
The mission of the Arthur A. Collins Legacy Association is to collect, preserve, and interpret the legacy of Arthur Collins and the Collins Radio Company he founded.

Antique Wireless Association
The AWA Vision:
To preserve and share the history of technology used to communicate and entertain from the first telegram to today's wireless text messaging.

Collins Retirees Association, Richardson
Club web site serving company retirees from the Dallas and Richardson Texas area.