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Tom Mullin Cartoons

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1976 Cedar Rapids Gazette article featuring Tom.

Been Feelin' blue lately? If Thomas J. Mullins gets wind of it, chances are good he'll draw a humorous cartoon for you that'll cheer you up a bit.
Tom loves to draw cartoons, and he's never received a penny for his efforts. "I'll just do it to cheer people up or make them laugh," Mullin commented as he sketched a picture of himself and his wife.
Tom says he spends many hours ever week sitting at the table sketching cartoons, and he's done it for years. "I'll send them to friends in the hospital to try and cheer them up," he said. "Plus, I send them on birthdays or other occasions, I haven't bought a Christmas card for years."
And, if Tom knows of someone whom he thinks needs some cheering up, he'll leave one around where the person can find it.
The perpetual pen pusher says there's a gal who used to work at Collins that sends him a gift every St. Patrick's day in appreciation for cartoons he gave her years ago. (Mullin retired from Collins Radio six years ago after working there nearly 29 years as a security guard.) "She was having some personal problems at the time, so I'd leave cartoons around where she could find them. I wanted to cheer her up. I keep telling her not to send me gifts, but she does it anyway," he said.
The 71-year-old retiree, who lives at 1757 C avenue NE, says drawing is his favorite hobby. And it gives him something to do. "Now my wife, she's a bridge fiend. Me? I don't have brains enough to play cards," he joked.
Mullin's five children and five grandchildren all enjoy drawing. "I just love to get my grandchildren around the table and we all sit here and draw," he said. "I have my most fun drawing for my kids and grandkids."
Mullin said when he draws he usually starts by thinking of something he thinks is humorous. Then he puts it on paper. "People seem to get a kick out of it. That's what I like about it - when people laugh."
After visiting with Tom a short time, it becomes obvious that he wouldn't have a problem coming up with humorous situations to draw. Tom's conversation is filled with quick, funny comments that'll brighten anyone's day.
Tom's drawings often poke fun at himself. Some of his most hideous-looking characters are himself. Many of his drawings feature a dog which gives an identity to his cartoons.
Tom admits he isn't really too crazy about retirement. It's hard to find things to do. "If it wasn't for drawing - I'd go nuts."
—Duane Crock, Cedar Rapids Gazette

Tom was featured in this September 1951 issue of Collins Column.

Tom died in Cedar Rapids April 20, 1990.