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Notes about the J.B. Jenkins 30FX Transmitter

Our recently-acquired 30FX Transmitter, Serial Number 6083, was once used by Arthur Collins and was purchased by J.B. Jenkins from Arthur's estate.


A February 1935 advertisement in QST noted: “The 30FX is the ideal 1935 amateur transmitter – it is simple to adjust – its cost is low and its performance is guaranteed. Here is a Transmitter (final amplifier 211 triode) capable of putting into your antenna a full 100 watts of CW power, or a phone carrier of 40 watts - one-fourth the peak power at 100% modulation.* The highly efficient COLLINS control-grid system of modulation assures perfect speech transmission without fuss or waist of power.”
* When used as a phone a COLLINS 7X high-fidelity speech amplifier is recommended.

In November of 1934 the 30FXB was introduced improving upon 30FX by utilizing Class-B modulation instead of Grid-modulation. Doing so, the new FXB could now produce a full 100 watts on CW and Phone. The 4C Speech Amplifier was also built in.

The staff and Docents of the Collins Avionics Museum are grateful to the estate of J.B. Jenkins, and to Mark Reel, for this donation. We look forward to presenting this important artifact to future Museum visitors.

Advertisement in the December 1934 issue of QST