Collins Aerospace Museum

1937 20C Transmitter - Still In Use

• Village Radio, 1XT, Taurange, New Zeland has, probably, the oldest Collins AM Broadcast Transmitter still in use today!

• “Taurang Village Radio made history in January 2013 by transmitting on equipment designed and built almost 80 years ago. After gathering dust and out of action for 13 years with a burnt out high voltage transformer, the old Collins one kilowatt transmitter had been repaired and tested. George Stewart is one of three former radio technicians who repaired the transmitter. Russ Bain and Neil Walsh worked with George to get the transmitter up and running. It was originally one of four transmitters purchased in 1937 by the National - Commercial Broadcasting Service for use by the four ZB Stations. This one was the original 1ZB Radio Station for Auckland.”


• Images used by permission from Village Radio in Tauranga New Zealand & Ted Adelman.

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The 20C as advertised in May 1935.


• The Restored 20C in the 1XT Station's Equipment Room.

A row of 204A Triode (valves) in the power output section.

Same section - looking up towards the antenna tuning coils.

The chassis and components were thoroughly cleaned ... almost like new!

It appears the black transformer on the left was the one in need of replacing during the 2013 restoration.

Another view of the Power Amplifier rack. The main transformers and rectifiers are in the lower section.

1XT volunteers at the station's vintage audio mixing equipment.