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Collins Aerospace
Early History
 by: Arlo Goodyear

Early History
 by: Ben Stearns
 Echo Hill Story

Early History
 by: Nancy Gibbons Zook
 from: The Iowan Magazine

Early History
 by: Ed Marriner
 from: CQ Magazine


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - When is the Museum open?
A - The Museum is open every Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Always check the Museumís News Page first! click here.

Q - Where is the Museum located?
A - The Museum is near the East wall of Building 120.
Rockwell Collins employees enter Building 120 from the South entrance - at the guard station.
You will need your badge!

Q - Where can I get a copy of Ben Stearnsí book, Arthur Collins Radio Wizard ?
A - Check Benís web site for all the details...
click here
We do a have a few copies for sale in the Museum.

Q - Can people from outside Rockwell join your club?
A - Yes Indeed! Down-load a form, fill it in, and send it to our Treasurer.

Q - Where Can I buy a copy of the 50th or the 75th Anniversary book?
A - We have a few copies of First 50 Years and of 75 years of innovation for sale in the Museum.