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Collins Aerospace
Early History
 by: Arlo Goodyear

Early History
 by: Ben Stearns
 Echo Hill Story

Early History
 by: Nancy Gibbons Zook
 from: The Iowan Magazine

Early History
 by: Ed Marriner
 from: CQ Magazine


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Several members of our club serve as Museum Tour Guides (Docents).
The Museumm is open for tours every Wednesday from 11:30 to 1:00. The Museum is located in Building 120 (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) by the East door. Note that this door is not open to the general public. However the Building 120 South Door is attended by a Company Guard so that, when synchronized with an available tour guide, access to the building can be arranged. We do require a picture ID when you sign in.
If you wish to arrange a SPECIAL TOUR - send a message to Becky, our Club Secretary, at
Include the date, time, and the number of people in your group.
The purpose of this newly-formed club is to preserve the history and legacy of the Collins Radio Company and Collins Aerospace. in support of the following goals:
Provide a resource of historical information and material to support company activities, media, and advertising.
★ Recruiting and retaining of quality employees.
Our Principal Activities:
★ Support and operate the Company Museum.
★ Help acquire world-class artifacts for the Museum.
★ Establish and maintain a Collins Aerospace Virtual Museum on the web.
★ Collect and maintain company historically significant documents & make available to serious historical researchers.
★ Actively support student projects involving Collins history as part of the K-12 program.
★ Create a forum for like-minded company history buffs where they can teach and learn.
★ N E W S ★
Museum Docent Volunteers
Presently, the museum is being staffed by several Tour Guide (Docent) Volunteers.
• Charley Snodgrass - 1st Wednesday
• Terry Lamb - 2nd Wednesday
• Rod Blocksome - 3rd Wednesday
• Mike Wilson - 4th Wednesday
• One of the Above - 5th Wednesday
• Larry Tjaden - Standby

They’re open from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. every Wednesday.
Please extend your thanks for their generosity.

Your Museum Club Offiers
- Position Open
-Terry Lamb ( )
- Dick Siefers (295-4442)
- Becky Woodward (295-3984)
Museum Curator:
- Mike Hynek (295-0627)
Museum Website:
- Larry Tjaden (365-8160)

★ J O I N    O U R    C L U B ★
Interested in our company's history? Join our club and get involved.
Attend one of our meetings or one of the Collins Aerospace History CoP's.
Click below to download a copy of our Registration Form. Fill it in and send it to the indicated officer along with your Registration Fee. Registration Form
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